Leather Hippo

Posted by Hearsay
October 3, 2008 8:21 AM |
drewg.jpgTonight, Oct. 3, Hearsay is high-tailing it – or black-booting it, as it were – to Baltimore to check out the Hippo’s “Leather Descent” party. Why would Hearsay leave D.C. for leather? Well, not just to see how the other half – suede daddies? – lives, though certainly that has some appeal. No, the reason is as clear as can be: to hear the DJ, the one, the only Drew “Not Looking” G, the New Yorker who’s up-and-coming around these parts (but he doesn’t come enough for Hearsay). Here’s hoping he’ll show off his kinks and gear while he spins at the fetish party, which costs $15 at the door, not including any goods you purchase at the Leather Mart, or the boot shines by David “Wax On” Spellman. The event is sponsored by Baltimore’s C.O.M.M.A.N.D. organization, which stands for Cute Ornery Manly Men Admiring Nude Dudes. Who wouldn’t want to join that? Actually, it’s the Corps Of Men Making A Noticeable Difference – yep, they all noble and shit. Sir!....

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