DC Eagle: 37 Years of Flying High

Posted by Hearsay
November 22, 2008 10:14 AM |
Bill Cappello.jpg

Hearsay can remember when the DC Eagle was just a teenager. Oh, the fun Hearsay used to have teaching the Eagle how to drive – “drive gently, and treat that gearstick like it was your own” – not to mention how to give a lube job. Or a hydraulic lift! (You didn’t know that back deck used to be an auto-body shop? This was back in the day before manual!)

But the club is an old pro now – and firmly an adult, just the way Hearsay prefers it. Yes, the leading leather bar in the Nation is turning 37 – still a few years away from a mid-life crisis. Hearsay congratulates current owner Bill "These Boots Are Made From Genuine 100 Percent Cow" Cappello on keeping the iconic DC establishment going strong. This weekend, the venue is celebrating in full-force. The climax comes tonight, with the annual Mr. DC Eagle Contest, which starts at 11 p.m.

Sunday brings the Mr. DC Eagle Victory Party – so if you didn’t get a chance to grope the winner Saturday, here’s a second chance!

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