Joe Gauthreaux spins tonight at Be Bar

Posted by Hearsay
November 14, 2008 11:54 AM |

It’s that time again – time to really dance it up at Be Bar. Yes, Hearsay means 9th Street’s fun and chic lounge. There’s a dance floor tucked away in back, after all. Maybe you haven’t actually danced on it yet – you must have missed out several weeks ago, when the gay circuit’s No. 1 female DJ Tracy “Pull Up to the Bumper” Young kicked off in high-energy fashion the venue’s new DJ Series of occasional parties with circuit sensations. Shame on you, and don’t let it happen again. Tonight, Nov. 14, Be Bar brings Joe “Reap What You Sow” Gauthreaux, this year’s “It” DJ on the circuit, having spun the Winter Party, the Black Party, gay Disney’s One Mighty Party, NYC Pride’s Pier Dance, P-Town over the 4th, etc. Next up, after Be Bar: Miami’s White Party in a couple weeks.

A New Orleans native who just moved from New York to Los Angeles, Gauthreaux always draws an energetic and friendly crowd when he comes to town, in part because he generally plays energetic and friendly dance music. “My music is happier” than the circuit norm, he said in an interview recently posted to his website. “Not ‘Perfect Day’ all night, but people want something not as dark as a few years ago.” Sounds just right to Hearsay!...

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