It's New Year's -- Get Out There and Celebrate!

Posted by Hearsay
December 31, 2008 8:43 AM |

You can ring in the New Year at any bar in town, but if you have champagne dreams, you wanna go where the party is. Unfortunately, most places only offer one free champagne toast per person, right at midnight. So you can’t barhop to get more than one free bubbly – but maybe if you bat your eyes just so, that hunky bartender with the intriguing tattoo that snakes down beyond where the eye can see will pop his cork for you. Of course, if you shell out more money, he’ll definitely explode.

But where should you go? Here’s Hearsay’s selective list. And remember, drinks will be served until 4 a.m. everywhere, so you can make the celebrating last that much longer. Burp!

At Town, Ed “The Year In Music” Bailey will spin upstairs the top tunes of 2008 and some of those to come in 2009, while the X-Faction dance troupe and the Ladies of Town will put on what they advertise as an “over the top” stage show. Plus, there’ll be a “neon-glowing explosion” at midnight.

Cobalt is offering a champagne toast along with a review of the best and most memorable music of the past 30 years.

The circus will be at Be Bar, as DJs Back2Back spin the “Three Ring Diva Circus,” a battle between Britney, Madonna and Beyonce.

Kristina “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Kelly is hosting Apex’s party, with a champagne toast, party favors and DJs Randy “I Know What You Are” White on the main floor and Michael “Spanish Lesson” Brandon in the East Wing for a Caliente Especial.

Halo will feature guest DJ Daniel “Get Your Beats Herre” Kristopherre and will give out party favors and midnight shots, plus they’ll be serving up 2-4-1 drinks all night.

Green Lantern will offer a midnight toast, hats, noisemakers and party favors, along with a review of the past year’s hottest hits and a peek at next year’s rising stars.

JR.’s will offer free champagne and a “$300 balloon drop” at midnight, followed by a countdown of comedy clips and music videos and a review of your favorite music last year.

And if you feel like starting 2009 out of town, head on up I-95 to Baltimore. Club Hippo is putting on a Hollywood-style extravaganza, with DJ Alex “Do You Wanna” Funk, live performances and “large-scale visuals” along with party favors, free bubbly, even pastry, fruit and coffee in the AM. Start the New Year eating, hon!...

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