Gay Super Bars

Posted by Hearsay
January 30, 2009 3:52 PM |
Football Hump.jpg

Ready for a recount? This Sunday at the Super Bowl, it’s Obama versus McCain all over again. (Technically, it’s more Biden v. McCain – and who knows who would win that match-up?) Go Steelers! Of course, it’s not politics or political at all – silly Hearsay! -- so you can be a Democrat – you can even be gay! – and root for Arizona. Go Cardinals!

And if you’re not doing the straight thing and throwing a chips-and-dip house party to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, then go gay and strip with Chip – if you’re so lucky. Otherwise, watch the game at one of the many gay watering holes that will be showing the game. Where else can you fully appreciate Jennifer “Acting's Not Really My Thing” Hudson singing the National Anthem? Nellie’s is living up to the sports bar in its name this weekend, screening the game throughout the venue, and offering cheap grub – $5 cheese quesadillas! – in the pub. Don’t forget to the $20 bucket of beer with chicken wings. If you want a darker, burlier experience, try the D.C. Eagle, offering happy hour prices and buffet food from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The crowds at JR.’s, Green Lantern and the Duplex Diner will likely tune in to the game at least during the ads (Exhibit 1: How You Know You’re Watching the Super Bowl At a Gay Bar) and Hudson’s performance (Exhibit 2), not to mention the halftime show, with Bruce "No, I'm Not Jewish" Springsteen (Exhibit 3) Same goes for Jack’s, perfect if you crave a more mixed-crowd, straight/gay. But if you’ve had enough scrimmaging in this town and are looking to kick it with a new quarterback or tight-end, there’s always Baltimore’s Hippo. The Hippo’s saloon will open at 4 p.m. for its Super Bowl party featuring free popcorn and hot dogs. Free, you say? Touchdown!...

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