The Re-Re Hat Tour

Posted by Hearsay
February 14, 2009 8:11 AM |
100_0507.JPGHearsay has learned that a few weeks ago -- the weekend after the Inauguration, to be exact -- a mysterious man got creative with a lampshade and fashioned an oversized, bedazzled hat in the style of the one Aretha "Oh Spacious Skies" Franklin wore at President "I'll Give You An Economic Stimulus!" Obama's swearing-in ceremony. This creative soul then proceeded to parade the hat around town, snapping pictures of bar-hoppers and one commode acting a fool at Nellie's, JR.'s, Cobalt, even outside Whole Foods. Hearsay's partial to the shot of Matthew "That's Acting!" Montelongo, the oft-naked star of Signature Theatre's Little Dog Laughed. Though Kevin "Sing It Sister" Steele sure did get into the role. But why didn't Lena "The Landlord" Lett? Interested in seeing more? View all 223 posers here...

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