JR.'s New Show and Tell

Posted by Hearsay
March 9, 2009 12:57 PM |

Hearsay enjoyed itself last night drinking at the old Sunday night standby JR.'s, where the $2 Skyy Vodka drunkfest is still going strong after all these years. (Especially with David "Who's Next?" Perruzza on pouring duty.) And now that Hearsay's recovered from the old Monday morning hangover -- even stronger after all these years -- it's ready to hit JR.'s again for the old Monday night standby. Beginning tonight, the bar's Monday Night Showtunes spectacular is set to be stronger, too.

Showtunes was already plenty interactive, with the musical queens singing along as if this were group karaoke. But starting tonight, the bar is making the show technologically interactive too -- as long as patrons bring their cellphones. (As if leaving the phone at home is ever an option.) DJ "Princess Phones Rule" Jamez, billed as "the Showtunes King," returns for this revival, and he'll take your requests through "live jukeboxes" from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. There will be prizes too -- the 10th caller to the DJ booth will win tickets to the National Theatre to see upcoming productions of A Chorus Line and Chicago. Not to mention the drink specials: $5 Absolut Vodka drinks and $3 draft pints, and all that jazz. That's a lot of singular sensations right there!

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