L is for Lesbian (or is it for Leisha?)

Posted by Hearsay
March 7, 2009 11:22 PM |
Why watch tonight's final episode of the final season of The L Word alone at home, when you can watch it with hundreds of capital-L lesbians (and a few lads, to boot) at Town? And after the screening, you can dance till midnight. All for just a suggested donation of $10, benefiting HRC.

But what's that you've heard? That the show might not actually be completely kaput? Well, yes. apparently the show, now airing in its sixth season on the small screen, will live on on the Internet for a while according to its Wikipedia entry. And depending on reception to that, a spinoff is likely. In fact, a spinoff pilot was shot a few months ago, starring the luscious Leisha "Uh Huh Her" Hailey, who plays Alice Pieszecki, and including Laurie "Oh Roseanne" Metcalf in a supporting role. But there's no word on when or whether -- or where -- the spin-off might actually air.

So for now, enjoy Leisha and these luscious lesbians on the show's last time on Showtime. The fun begins Sunday, March 8, at 7 p.m. at Town...

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