Posted by Hearsay
April 5, 2009 8:58 AM |
Regina Seacrust.jpgGlamour has a new name in Washington: ReGina Seacrust. The ultra-vixen in the red dress launched Cobalt's new weekly Karaoke night, and from all accounts reported to Hearsay, she killed. She also sliced her delicate, ladylike knee open, though she really didn't notice this unhappy little fact until the next morning. And that's the kind of showbiz trouper ReGina is. "I put aside all personal pain to entertain," she may (or may not) have told a martini-soused Hearsay. "It's the motto I live by. That, and make sure you always ask the bartender for a triple." So what's the identity of this enchantress with the itty bitty titties and the slightly hairy arms? The answer is in the post's title. Ready, set, deduce...

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