JR.'s, Now Serving "Milk"

Posted by Hearsay
April 9, 2009 1:33 PM |
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If you could ask one question of Dustin Lance "A Lot" Black, this year’s Oscar Winner for Best Original Screenplay for Milk, what would it be? Would it be "Has anyone ever told you you’re hot?

That’s not the question David “April Fuel” Perruzza actually asked Black, when he was at Perruzza’s watering hole, JR.'s on Sunday night, April 7. Instead, the JR.’s bar-slinger took a more subtle approach.

Is it really as heavy as they say it is?”

“It” being the naked gold statute, of course.

Why yes, yes it is, came the reply from the screenwriter, who is quickly becoming the “It” gay filmmaker. Maybe you caught his touching documentary about Pedro Zamora, the late Real World star, which just aired on LOGO last week. Maybe you saw him in the April issue of Details, devoted to “Mavericks” – and no, not the Sarah “Wasilliness” Palin kind. Those who have real influence on society.

Now, he’s in the early stages of his next project, which is what brings him to town. He's researching his next film. But Black is mum on the subject, and Hearsay couldn't pry it out of him.

Still, Hearsay will keep trying, as Black will likely be at JR.'s again (he's good friends with several of the regulars). Hearsay’s ready with its next question for the young screenwriting buck: “Want to see the boudoir? You know, for research purposes?”

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