Spotted! The Flash on 17th Street!

Posted by Hearsay
May 9, 2009 9:03 AM |
The Flash.jpgThe superhero known as The Flash -- the fastest man on the planet -- was seen zipping around 17th Street this past Thursday night, May 8. Hearsay, who spends its life in an intoxicated blur, had no trouble seeing The Flash, since Hearsay's blur cancelled out The Flash's blur in a weird yet highly scientific case of blurry convergence. Of course, Hearsay is eager to uncover the identity of this red blur and is hard at work on the matter. Meanwhile, here's a pic snapped by one of one of Hearsay's intrepid spies. Would you look at the buns on that red-suited stud? Why, you could just squeeze them till they burst....

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