Happy Pride, Hon...

Posted by Hearsay
June 25, 2009 9:46 PM |

All this time Hearsay thought it was a professional drunk. But one night’s whirl around Baltimore set it straight. Those gays in Bal'mer sure know how to drink! Hearsay got pushed repeatedly in the crowd at Baltimore Pride’s Block Party last Saturday evening, and then got sprayed with beer on the dance floor at Club Hippo. One patron apparently mistook her bottle of booze for a glow stick, and just started flinging it around to the dirty beats of DJ Tracy “Gaga Lady” Young. Why, wasting beer like that is alcohol abuse, plain and simple.

Beyond the occasional bump and wet backside – par for Hearsay’s course, of course – Hearsay sure did have a charming time in Charm City. Dale “Hot N Cold” Janni and Tracy “Garden Guardian” Noell played wonderful hosts, escorting Hearsay around the Mount Vernon gayborhood. Hearsay had as good a time as ever dancing at the Hippo, which, per-Pride custom, was pretty much taken over by D.C. Screens around the club early on projected the message “DC in the House,” which someone had sent to the club’s text message number. Hearsay was happy to see, to name a not-quite-random few: Michael “Quality over Quantity” Scott, Paul “Storyteller” Drebs, Shane “My Life Would Suck Without You” Maye, and of course Sanj “Bark for Your Love” Grewal and Brad “Sing for Your Supper” Ward, who are actually getting hitched this weekend in Grewal’s native Toronto. Next time you see them out and about, be sure to wish them congratulations, eh?

Before Hearsay actually danced with the masses and stumbled into Chuck “Come Party With Me” Bowers’ happy Hippo, it enjoyed hearing Ultra “Love’s The Only Drug” Nate. No, Nate did not actually perform on the Pride mainstage with headliner Amber, as Amber sang their 1998 dance remake of “If You Could Read My Mind.” But the Baltimorean was in town – she actually DJ’ed that evening at a private party at the gayborhood’s anchor restaurant, City Café. The Café’s Bruce “Over Easy” Bodie couldn’t stop raving to Hearsay about her deep-house set, which sure was a savory and sweet treat. And D.C. sure does represent in Bal’mer, to put it mildly: Bodie, it turns out, is a D.C. resident who owns the hip restaurant and coffee shop – and now also a bar/lounge – with his partner of 18 years, Gino “Scrambled” Cardinale. They were celebrating the completion of a dramatic renovation of the 15-year-old space – as well as Cardinale’s fortysomething birthday. Happy birthday, Gino. Nice cupcakes!....

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