JR.'s will drag you to drink

Posted by Hearsay
June 25, 2009 8:42 AM |
Lady Perruzza.jpg

Contrary to last week's ad in Metro Weekly, you won't find David "Sweet Tart" Perruzza at JR.'s tonight for the bar's Drag Bonanza, when all bartenders and barbacks will serve dressed as the most -- er, um -- beautiful ladies you've ever laid your eyes on. The JR.'s manager takes flight to gay Paree today for a week of petting the poodles of French men. He tells Hearsay he had the European vacation planned before the Drag Bonanza, and that he's really bummed he'll miss seeing his staff dolled up, especially Nic "Burly, Not Surly" Thompson. Hearsay, meanwhile, is giddy at the thought of seeing Mike "You Wanna Piece of Me?" Izeta for once wearing lipstick intentionally. Not to mention nail polish, a wig and a dress -- Perruzza says that's the extent of what staff will wear. "It'll be too hot for full face," he tells Hearsay. Also dressing up for fun, not glamour, will be Isaac "Buns Hun" Rehner, Alex "Beehive" Santos and Serghey "Secret" Z.

But why make them do all the work? You can dress up in drag, too! As long as you put on a wig and lipstick and wear a dress, you can drink free until midnight. Think of it as a different -- really different -- kind of ladies' night. Just don't get too used to it: Perruzza says they plan to do something different one Thursday a month from now on, but the Drag Bonanza will only happen once or twice a year at most...

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