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Last month, Cobalt kicked off national firecracker weekend with its debut first-Saturday monthly Latin dance party, and it was “Red Hot.” Technically, it was Furioso – the $5 Jose Cuervo 1800 shots saw to that! (Especially after Hearsay had taken advantage of all the drink specials, downing several $3 Mexican beers, and then several more $4 margaritas and Cuba libres. Ay-yi-yi!)

Now, for the party’s second iteration, the club has renamed the party Rumba. Why yes, Hearsay does love a good rumble set to rumba, especially if there’s a Cubano – or seis – involved. Sounds sexy, right? Esperamos! Y viva la Esperanto! Come speak the language of lust Saturday, August 1. Cover is $5 before 11 p.m., or $8 after....

Hearsay didn't care much for Twilight -- what a yawner -- but it thinks it might just enjoy the second film in the series, New Moon, quite a bit more. Especially if Taylor Lautner keeps his shirt off. Arrrooooo!

Don't believe Hearsay? Here's some footage taken by a fan at this week's Comic Con...

It seems like just last year Hearsay wished a happy anniversary to Eric “Leaving Logic and Reason” Hirshfield and his 18th & U Duplex Diner. Oh right, it was last year -- The Diner turned 10 and celebrated by hiring an unknown celebrity impersonator, a sloshed and disheveled drag queen acting as Amy “I’ll Make A Comeback, Too, Just You Watch” Winehouse. Fun times, silly times. What will they think of next? Maybe a fake Lady “I Love This Record But I Can’t See Straight Anymore” Gaga? Or, how about a nod to the fictional rock band Spinal Tap? “Let’s turn the volume up to 11!” shouts the ad announcing the party tonight, Saturday, July 25. Hearsay suggests the Diner’s new motto become “These queens swallow 11!” The whole celebration gets started at 6 p.m. with an “open dinner.” (And did you hear they just launched a new menu? All the old classics remain, but they added a few more veggie options. Go greenies!) The actual party starts at 9 p.m., so by the time the clock actually strikes 11 p.m., it should be really rocking in there. Smell the glove!

Meanwhile, on Sunday, July 26, Halo celebrates five years of making complicated fresh and fruity libations. They’re bringing in DJ Lydia “Proper but not” Prim for the occasion, and the color scheme is silver, white and black. And they’ll be keeping it real, too, as JD “Latin Heat” Ordonez from MTV’s The Real World Brooklyn plays host for the evening, and rumors are swirling madly that some or all of The Real World DC cast will show. Say what? You haven’t heard that the series is currently filming in Dupont Circle? Well, crawl out from under that rock! Halo’s Jason “I’m Surrounded By Your Embrace” Tamanini says the whole shebang will be “star-studded,” with both local and national celebs. Even if they’re just impersonating, this should be a grand good time. There's a private, invite-only gathering from 7:30 to 9 p.m., after which the doors swing wide open to the public...

Show us your amateur secret

Posted by Hearsay
July 22, 2009 10:48 AM |

If you’re thinking about going to Secrets tonight, July 22, Cliff “Show Me” Witt has advice. “You don’t need to bring a lot of clothes,” he tells Hearsay.

Actually, Witt, the club’s dance manager, wasn’t strictly joking. He was speaking to those considering entering the club’s monthly amateur night. Tonight marks the second edition of the contest. The first round last month proved to be as popular, even in its new, larger location, as it was in the old, original spot a few blocks away, where the stadium is now. “It’s a very festive evening,” says Witt, the club’s dance manager. If you want to compete, you have to be prepared to get fully naked, and to dance for at least a couple minutes to local DJ tim-e’s beats. Destiny B. Childs hosts the show where audience applause determines the winner.

All contestants receive free Andrew “Wait’ll We Get Our Hanes” Christian underwear – “while supplies last,” Witt adds. First prize earns $500, while the runners-up get a night or two to perform as a professional at Secrets -- meaning, they get at least a night’s worth of tips. “In my opinion that’s better than first place,” Witt says. And all contestants will be considered for future employment. “It’s a good way to audition many all at one time,” says Witt. “Usually the winner doesn’t want to be a regular dancer. I don’t know why that is.”

In any case, the event is a great way for the average customer to see the future – or at least his next stalking victim. That’s entertainment! Showtime is at 11 p.m, with final participant signup by no later than 10 p.m. Secrets is at 1924 Half St. SW. Cover is $5. Call 202-883-0670 or visit www.secretsdc.com.

The Blair Michaels Project

Posted by Hearsay
July 5, 2009 4:34 PM |

She was a Capital Pride Hero this year. Maybe next year is Blair "I'll Do Anything for a Crown -- Anything!" Michaels' year to be the next Ru "Thou Shalt Not Point Your Camera at Me" Paul -- or at least, win Ru's Drag Race. Yes, Michaels has made it to the third and final round to compete in Ru's drag race. And who doesn't want to see Michaels lip-synch for her life!

But she can only advance if you actually vote for her -- and you've only got two days left to do it. Hurry before it's too late. Trust Hearsay, if Michaels doesn't win, this city will have heel to pay....

WTF is WTF? We'll know July 2...

Posted by Hearsay
July 1, 2009 9:55 PM |

While you're out there web surfing, Hearsay strongly urges you to click here and check out the hip, frantic, eye-popping clip for WTF?, a new monthly party debuting at Town Danceboutique tomorrow night, Thursday, July 2. The evening is being hailed as "the party where anything can happen, anything," including, "a gingerbread man having his way with a rabbit," "Marylin Manson handing out KFC," "Summer Camp tag teaming with Ed Bailey," "Lady Blah Blah getting what she deserves," and the Demon channeling Annie Lennox.

If you haven't dashed off to watch the video -- which is not recommended for those prone to Grand Mal seizures -- you can simply visit www.omgWTFdc.com.

Doors open at 9 p.m., cover is five smackeroos. Hearsay can't wait to see WTF WTF? is about...

This town's got talent to export...

Posted by Hearsay
July 1, 2009 9:44 PM |

Did you happen to watch America's Got Talent last night? If so -- and if you didn't blink -- you should have seen a couple familiar faces.

No sweetie, The DC Cowboys were on last year. This year's high-profile gay D.C. contingent to appear on NBC's novelty act show was a smattering of Town's own drag queens and dancers. Shi-Queeta-Lee, Ba'Naka, Akasha Cassadine and Jessica Spaulding are the Ladies of Town's Diva League who performed alongside seven X-Faction dancers. In the spring, they auditioned at the National Harbor for the show's producers, who sent them on to perform at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom for the show's judges, David "I Heart Talking Cars" Hasselhoff, Sharon "I Heart Bumbling Rockers" Osbourne and Piers "I Heart Simon Cowell" Morgan.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Osbourne enthused after the Diva League performed a high-energy lip-synched and choreographed routine to the Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up." The televised version went by so fast, all you're likely to remember is host Nick "You Got Me Feeling Emotions" Cannon wincing after a couple of the X-Faction men did the splits at song's end. All the judges seemed to agree with Osbourne, and said they'd see the Diva League in Vegas for the next round of competition. But Lee tells Hearsay "they lied." A show producer called Lee last week to let them know to stay put -- they'd found other groups "just a little bit better" to send on to Vegas and the next round. On Lee's personal Facebook page, the drag queen is encouraging fans to generate popular demand for the Diva League to compete by leaving comments on the show's website. Why not try? They were entertaining.

If you missed it, you can see the full episode online; the Diva League's performance is a little over eight minutes into it, after only one commercial break (yes, even online) and a yo-yo man....