August Birthday Madness

Posted by Hearsay
August 20, 2009 7:02 PM |

August came in like a lion, and it’s still roaring – as it always is. Ah, all those crazy Leos and how they love to party!

This Saturday, Aug. 22, Hearsay will toast Keith “Catering Up A Stir” Petrack – but maybe this should be a roast? After all, the founding friend of many Friends of Friends is turning 50. Yep, the big 5-0! Congrats, Keith – you don’t look a day older than tomorrow! Petrack will celebrate his big size at a private party with Alan “Attack of The Mouse” Zaloum, who will celebrate his 40th birthday by preparing to move to Orlando. Oh, ah, magic.

But Hearsay’s been roaring all month already. On Sunday, Aug. 9, Rachel “I Am Leo, Hear Me Sing” Panay celebrated by inviting friends for a “semi-mellow” day of brunching at Circa and then early-evening cocktailing at Halo. Afterwards, she jetted – or at least Jetta’d – off to an undisclosed country respite, but only for a night. Why such a short spell? Because city lions don’t do moo-moos!

Two nights before, Friday, Aug. 7, Michael “Living Under Your Spotlight” Snowden invited some 60 or so of his closest friends to Apex to usher in his 32nd birthday. Apex’s General Manager Joey-“A” O “K” threw him a private party in the club’s video bar – now called, of course, the “East Wing Dance Lounge,” but still the same place Snowden actually tended bar many years ago. Back then, of course, the club itself went by a different name. Yep, he’s getting to be that old! Jeremy “Hey Yo” Yohe was on part-time VJ duty, screening many video blasts from the past decade. And Terry “Handsome Helper” Mullane tended the large bar alone. Even the DC Kings put on a fantastic show for the occasion – though technically the drag kings were out in the Main Hall, performing for the club’s popular Gloss ladies event, now bi-monthly, the first and fourth Friday of the month. Kings and queens, in and out of drag, and all in one place – oh what fun!

The night before that, Thursday, Aug. 6, came a Cobalt “charitini” for Andy “Der Kommissar” Phan and Damon “Cobalt TV’s Power Bottom” Dunham, who turned 36 and 27, respectively. They were out to prove that “We're not just greedy pretty bitches!" Indeed, they’re not. With a suggested $5 to $10 donation to enter the early evening private party on the club’s dance level, the two raised a total of $1,200 for Whitman-Walker Clinic’s AIDS Walk and Food for All. Cobalt even matched the donations. Why, ain’t that the giving spirit – like Christmas in August.

What will crazy Leos think of next? Well, they can only officially roar about their birthdays until Sunday, when Virgos take over. Look out, the Mercury is rising....

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