Partying in P-Town (better late than never)

Posted by Hearsay
August 8, 2009 9:06 AM |

Have you sailed up to Provincetown yet this summer? Sure, you’ve already missed the annual P-Town Bear Week, where D.C.’s own Blowoff bears, Bob “We Won’t Break” Mould and Rich “Man With The Red Face” Morel, spun for the event’s annual excursion to the Boatslip. But there’s still plenty of fun to tickle your hide this last month of summer – whether you want to see Varla Jean Merman or Naked Boys Singing or Lily Tomlin.

Hearsay is actually still savoring its annual trek last month to the liberal retreat, a gay haven, perhaps the nation’s finest. Funny fact: Did you know the Pilgrims arrived in the village in the early 1600s from Holland, which the Brits fled once they couldn’t take it anymore that their children were picking up liberal Dutch customs? Oh, the irony. Hearsay picked up that tidbit on a stroll through the Provincetown Museum at the Pilgrim Monument. It gave extra-special meaning to a week of frolicking by the pool at the Boatslip with hundreds of men in nothing but suntan lotion and skimpy swimsuits – not to mention cruising the “Dick Dock” late at night. Hearsay’s catchphrase of the week: “This shot is for the Puritans!”

Hearsay was specifically in town for the resort’s always-wild July Fourth Festivities, capped by David “That’s My Power” Flower’s Summer Camp circuit parties. Hearsay’s favorite trip of the week actually took off at Cape Air’s airport hangar, located inside the Cape Cod National Seashore. Why, as a matter of fact, Hearsay did feel like flying! Montreal DJ Mark “Leave The World Behind” Anthony piloted the crowd on a journey through space and time – or at least, sound, from disco at takeoff, to a cruising altitude of moody electro-pop, with occasional flourishes of thrilling techno turbulence. But the next day, it was all aboard the Paramount II for the Sunset Boat Cruise, a truly fairy ferry full of merry Marys! DJ Roland “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Belmares spun the happy tunes that made D.C.’s own Shane “Sweet Dream” Maye and Paul “Beautiful Nightmare” Drebs shake their bodies down to the ground, along with Matthew “Dare to Dream” Trone and LOGO TV’s own Itay “Brand Name” Hod, to name just a few out of many hundreds of boys. Flower’s business partner Kiki “Kick It” Herold gave away free bottles of water and Gatorade toward the end of the four-hour tour. Aww, what a gal!

That evening’s barhopping ended at the Atlantic House. The dance floor was so packed with shirtless, sweaty bodies, it was boiling. Afterwards, the so-fresh-they’re-wet stampede commenced the nightly pizza dance to Spiritus Pizza – yummy, cheesy goodness at 1 a.m. Later in the week, Hearsay spotted D.C. residents Todd “Rooty” Daves and Kurt “Tooty” Elam, along with D.C. regulars – but technically Norfolkians – Todd “Fresh” Jacobs and Shaun “Fruity” Garrity. They were all parading down Commercial Street late at night wearing bright orange HRC tees, with cropped sleeves. The shirts trumpeted the news that they are “Yay Gay.” In case their hips lied.

But in this Massachusetts town, everyone’s at least a little gay. Go see for yourself, all ye gay little pilgrims.

[Pictured: The Boatslip. Source: The Provincetown Tourism Office.]

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