This is the Dawning of the Age of Perruzza

Posted by Hearsay
October 8, 2009 9:27 PM |
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You may wonder: Will Gavin “I Got Life” Creel perform “Going to DC” at the HRC National Dinner this Saturday, Oct. 10? Well, he should! With the trumpets blaring and the choir singing at song’s end, it’s the perfect number to rouse the crowd -- not to mention the cast of Glee. Maybe even the President would be amused.

Not familiar with the tune? Well, take a listen to it now. Creel, the Tony-nominated star of Broadway’s current revival of Hair, included the tune on his self-released debut album a few years ago.

“Dave, sent me a ticket. I got a ticket. Thanks for the ticket, Dave,” Creel sings in the ska-esque tune. Just who is this Dave he sings about? Why, it’s none other than Dave “Final Fantasy” Perruzza, of JR.’s fame.

I met Dave on the R Family Vacations cruise the first year of the cruise, in 2004, I believe it was,” Creel tells Hearsay. “We just hit it off and he’s been a friend ever since. He had won a bunch of free Acela tickets at an auction. He was like, ‘Come down and visit.’ I was on Broadway in La Cage aux Folles . I wanted to get out of the city.” Creel left immediately after a Sunday matinee. “I literally ran out the stage door and went down to Penn Station, took an Acela train and spent Sunday night and Monday night and then came back Tuesday for my show.”

All thanks to Perruzza, D.C.’s very own Broadway ambassador!

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