Dito encounters a pile of boys. Hearsay starts a dictionary.

Posted by Hearsay
November 26, 2009 10:05 AM |
Dito and Doggie.jpg

Hearsay chum Dito "Chew Toy" Sevilla recently posted the following on his Facebook account:

Dear Everyone at Cobalt -- except for the guy in the overall / jumpsuit contraption -- you all looked fantastic last night... A beautiful, well groomed pile of boys.

Let it be known that Hearsay is officially entering the phrase "Pile of Boys" into the newly minted (at Twitter anyway) Hearsay Dictionary (feel free to annotate or add your own entries on a whim).

Now, pardon Hearsay while it seeks its own pile of boys to enjoy Thanksgiving with. Anyone up for fisting a turkey?

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