WTF? It's Turkeys with all the trimmings at Town tonight!

Posted by Hearsay
November 25, 2009 12:12 PM |

Hearsay asks it all time. What the fuck? Like just Sunday night, after Adam “Sonic Homo” Lambert’s screechy performance on the AMAs. What the fuck?

But of course, Town has trademarked the term – or at least, the initials WTF – for the anything-goes monthly party it launched in July. And this month promises to be an extra-special edition worth giving lots of thanks for. Tonight, Nov. 25 -- Thanksgiving Eve -- Town will have a feast for the senses, from drag queen Banaka, who will spread ‘em like a Thanksgiving dinner, to Poke-a-hauntis, who will “scalp her man,” to pilgrims and Indians fighting for the continent. Watch out for flying arrows.

And don’t even ask what they’ll pull out of a turkey.

Yeah, it’s that kind of party.

The evening gets going at 10 p.m. and cover is only $5. Music is courtesy DJ Cale, of website/party promoting-team BrightestYoungThings. All that, plus Town’s Ed “Leave ‘Em Guessing” Bailey says customers will have to “navigate the wall” to get into the club. WTF? Exactly.

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