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Cookie 'n Crack...

Posted by Hearsay
February 26, 2010 1:38 PM |
cookie.jpgCrack is back tomorrow night at Town with Fairy Tale inspired madness. Hearsay secretly -- okay, not so secretly -- obtained a list of the scheduled performers from Shea "Butter" Van "Shoe" Horn and here it is for all to see:

Grant Barker
Zack Rosen
Rachel Panay
Sunrize Highway
Steve Scarlata
Scott Shumaker
Karen Shultz
Blue Ball Rooth
Cookie Buffet
Jason Neal
Matt Bailer
Bil Todd
Brandon Neukam
Dean Barnes

See anyone you know? That's right Cookie "Dyer Straights" Buffet is making a long-overdue return to performing. Of course, there are a bunch of other people as well, but frankly Hearsay is stoked about Cookie. The question is, will Cookie be served with cream?....

Crack happens Saturday, Feb. 27, at Town, 2009 8th Street NW. Doors at 9 p.m. Show at 10 p.m. Admission $10. MOre info at crackdc.com.

Kandi Dish.jpg

Hearsay sends VD kudos (that's the Valentine's Day kind, not the kind that makes your wee-willie-winkie turn black and fall off) to the 18th & U Duplex Diner. Last Saturday, Feb. 13, the Adams Morgan mainstay held its annual Valentine's Day is a Drag benefit, and raised $5,000 for the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and the Humane Society, with the funds earmarked for Haitian Earthquake Relief. "The money was raised essentially one dollar at a time," marveled the Diner's Eric "My Beef has a First Name: Angus" Hirshfield. Which stands to reason, of course, since Sir Hirshfield marshaled a bevy of drag performers and servers -- including Wilma Fingerdo, Alma Chillren, Kandi Dish, and the always-effervescent Peaches -- to pry the cash out of a constant onslaught of patrons' willing hands, wallets, clutch-purses and extremely well-concealed moneybelts. (Remember: The best drag queens can sniff a dollar hidden in even the deepest, darkest of orifices.)

Hearsay was eager to watch video from the event, but a search on YouTube for Valentine's Day is a Drag only turned up the following fetching pre-publicity gem. Hearsay wonders what it might get if it types the same search string into XTube....

Valentine's Day is a Drag 2010 Promo

100% Pure Love at tonight's WTF...

Posted by Hearsay
February 14, 2010 4:19 PM |

teddybear1.jpgHearsay just got an exclusive sneak peek at the impressively uber-love-themed playlist devised by Ed "All You Need Is Love" Bailey for tonight's Valentine's Day edition of WTF? at Town Danceboutique and all it can say is that Hearsay is now extremely eager to get an easy lover into a cupid's chokehold, after which it will fly high on the wings of love before being unceremoniously coerced into a bizarre love triangle causing a total eclipse of the heart, followed by the ultimate realization that love is a battlefield whose defiant cry -- on Valentine's Day, at least -- is a loud, resounding "I want candy!" Hearsay will then retreat with a pizza-stuffed bear into a scarlet red love shack where it will warble a (very) different kind of love song....

WTF? VD Edition: Tonight, Sunday, Feb. 14, at Town Danceboutique, 2009 8th St. NW. Doors at 10 p.m. 18 and up. $5 cover.

Snow done! Clubs open! Weekend highlights!

Posted by Hearsay
February 12, 2010 5:41 PM |

Hearsay is absolutely thrilled to report it will be business as usual in all the clubs and bars around D.C. this weekend. And with Monday being a holiday, there's a whole extra night of fun and frivolity!

Here are just a few highlights:

Apex is holding a Mardi Gras Ball tonight, Friday, Feb. 12, featuring a best-costume contest and a crowning of King Apex. Free masks will be handed out to the first 100 revelers through the door, while more than 50 pounds of Mardi Gras beads will be doled out throughout the evening. Oh, yeah, and there will be a balloon drop at 1 a.m. DJ Yiannis is spinning in the main hall, while DJ Michael Brandon is helming the East Wing.

Strong with the Latino Valentine spirit, Club Fuego offers up a red and white party -- Amor -- tonight, Friday, Feb. 12, at its customary berth, Club Aqua. Marilyn and Samantha Sulay will perform alongside the Queen of the House, Gigi Paris Couture.

And now, for its Spanish readers, Hearsay will translate the above Club Fuego paragraph into Latin-American Spanish with the aid of a free online translation tool:

Fuerte con el espíritu latina de Valentino, el Club Fuego ofrece arriba un partido blanquirrojo -- Amor -- esta noche, el viernes, 12 de febrero, en su litera de costumbre, Agua de Club. Mara y Samantha Sulay realizará al lado de la Reina de la Casa, Alta costura de Gigi París.

Whee! That was fun! Hearsay can't wait to try the Greek option! But for now, back to English....

Cobalt celebrates the one-year anniversary of its popular monthly Asian dance party, a/Zen, tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 13, featuring Carl Michaels at the DJ station. On Sunday, Feb. 14, the club teams up with promoter Sean Morris and Capital Pride for a special edition of X. Entitled Boyfriend or Toyfriend, the evening will feature DJ Andre Xcellence upstairs and DJ Glanson Labarrie down below at 30 Degrees.

Town Danceboutique will have its first-ever Grindr party tonight, Friday, Feb. 12. Then tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 13, it's a HeartTHROB party with the heartthrob-worthy DJ Scotty Thompson. And on Sunday, Feb. 14, Town presents its latest foray into surreal clublife with a special Valentine's Day edition of its always-surprising WTF? Sunday, Feb. 14. Hearsay has learned there will be an appearance by a bear named Teddy, a special, heart-ripping performance by Summer Camp, and a blush-worthy appearance by the two "Taylors." At some point in the evening, DJ Ed Bailey will call for something rarely done in a nightclub, something so unusual everyone who partakes will come away feeling extremely loved.

Finally, Ziegfeld's/Secrets is celebrating its first anniversary in its newer, bigger, lavish digs this Saturday, Feb. 13. There will be drink specials, drag performances by Ella and her Ladies of Illusion, and an appearance by Miss Gay America Coco Montrese. Of course, there will be plenty of Secrets boys on hand -- strapping, handsome young men who just can't wait to shed their blizzard-garb after a week of throwing snowballs and get down to showing the world what a real birthday suit is made of.

For a look at what's happening at all the bars throughout the weekend, click here and browse to your heart's content.

This is Hearsay saying, drive safely, drink responsibly, and most of all, have yourself a merry little Valentine....

Or, as they say in Hungarian:

Biztonságos vezetésére, ital módosítja, és a legtöbb, magad is vidám kis Valentin....