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Off to see the gay wizard...

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October 22, 2007 12:16 PM |

Hearsay applauds the news that Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, has been outed by the author as gay. dumbledore3.jpgOf course, life for a gay wizard has some rather interesting benefits. For example, one can do away with the need for a sling in the boudoir -- that's what the Levitation Spell is for. And you can dump the Viagra as well. Simply chant: Penisculus Erectus three times while waving your wand in the general direction of your pelvic region, and quicker than you can say Gryffindor, you're set for 4 hours. (Please be advised, if your magical erection lasts for more than 4 hours, seek out a Defense Against the Erectile Dysfunction Arts practitioner at once)....

It didn't show in Reel Affirmations...

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October 20, 2007 8:46 PM |

...but it's amusing all the same.

Rooftop Chills...

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October 20, 2007 5:57 PM |
Hearsay spent Saturday night, Oct. 13, as a party crasher. And boy does Hearsay love to do that. First up was the slightly shivery party that Matt "Attack of the Mack" Ackland and Ryan "Tell Me Later" James threw for Zachary "Not A Girl -- Or A Woman" Tindall -- and not just because of that image of Tindall in Britney "VMA" Spears-drag included as part of the invite. It's October, gang -- the temperatures have Fall-en. So throwing a 32nd birthday party on the rooftop isn't ideal without a shawl, even if said party is at a deee-luxe apartment in the sky. In this case, 1010 Mass, a grand and brand-new building that comes complete with amenities like windows, walls and ceilingschronicles_of_narnia_1.JPG, all things Hearsay isn't used to having but would one day love. The building at 10th and Mass still ain't completely finished, though it is more than half occupied, and Ackland and James' rooftop party for Tindall was the buzz of the building that night, even among the straight set. Hearsay saw a few faces it knew -- including John "Oh My God, Jackie!" Anderson -- and others it recognized, but none it really remembers in the few minutes it took to drink its nectar and move to warmer climes, where no shawl was needed.

Warmth was to be found up and over, above Logan Circle at the three-story home of Graeme "Sailing Away" Douglas. Douglas, who summers with his sailboat in Annapolis, threw a "bring the party ashore" party that had all the gay boys within at least a 10-block radius coming and going and then coming again. Hearsay got to chat up Ryan "Social Bee" King, Larry "Rockin' Doctor" Kerr and Clint "Corned" Pepper. Hearsay then followed the asses en masse to Cobalt for the Gay Days Tour with Randy "Shiny" Bettis. Hearsay remembers dancing with Randy "Lacquer and Lace" Brown, CJ "Fun Hun" Gustafson and Aaron "By Jeeves" Eaves before passing out on the curb -- see, no windows, walls or ceiling! -- only to wake up when Lena Lett tripped and fell on top of Hearsay. Yes, yes, okay: Hearsay submits.


Naked Boys Doing Other Things....

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October 20, 2007 5:46 PM |
On Thursday, Oct. 11, trotted over to Nellie's to catch the tail end of the Reel Affirmations 17 opening-night party, hoping to catch some tail in the process. It was there that it spied the always fetching tail of One In Ten's fearless leader, Margaret "They're Always After Me Lucky Charms" Murray. Hearsay asked how the festival might follow up the musical romp, Naked Boys Singing. "Well," Murray said, sucking tantalizingly on a straw, "we're giving all our money to the creators of Naked Boys to create what will become a quadrilogy. We're close to signing a deal with Peter Jackson to direct, Sam Raimi to produce, and Ryan Gosling, Milo Ventimiglia, Brad Pitt, the guy who played Tuvac on Star Trek Voyager and Jodie Foster to star. Next year we'll open with Naked Boys Mountain Climbing. The year after that, Naked Boys Supermarket Shopping. And the year after that, Naked Boys Churchgoing." When asked what the storylines of these new films might be, Murray pshawed, "Who needs a storyline when you've got dangling willies by the double fistful?" Sounds like the makings of a cinema masterstroke....

grocery shopping.jpg

Naked boys church.jpg

reg_278_SHIR 2 big.jpgHearsay, in tandem with the fine folks at the Washington Performing Arts Society, is offering its fans a special opportunity to win a pair of free tickets to see Sweet Honey in the Rock, on Friday, Oct. 26, 2007, at 8 p.m., at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

To enter, please e-mail Hearsay with the word "Sweet Honey" in the subject line by no later than Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007, noon.

Please include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached during the day, as well as your e-mail.

One lucky winner will be selected at random from all entries received.

Winner will be notified via e-mail by Wednesday, Oct. 24 with instructions on how to claim the tickets. No purchase necessary to win.

Good luck....

Sunday Highballs at JR.'s....

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October 19, 2007 3:46 PM |
Last Sunday, Hearsay popped in to JR.'s for the ever-popular $2 SKYY Highballs. While there, Hearsay drank with some of those who are such regular fixtures at the joint, Hearsay won't be surprised if they'll eventually be stuffed on the wall alongside Bambi and Boo-Boo. Here's looking at you, Eric "No, I Don't Bray" Muhl. And you too, Henry "Social Magnet" Salevsky. And no, we didn't forget you, Keith "Furry" Petrack, even if it has been a while since you were last spotted in these here parts....

Cruz Control at Apex....

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October 18, 2007 6:53 PM |

Last Friday, Oct. 12, Hearsay high-stepped into Apex to check out the sounds of Dave "Body Shaker" Hansen, direct from Atlanta to make his debut at the club. Hearsay can't remember having that much fun at ApexMike Cruz.jpg since that one night super-manager Joey-O ill-advisedly let Hearsay announce last call. Joey-O won't be doing that again anytime soon, heh, heh, heh.

Anyway, if you missed Jansen's debut -- too bad! Less fun for you! You can make up for it this Friday, Oct. 19, when noted dance producer Mike "Spin Doctor" Cruz will make a long-overdue debut at the venerable nightclub. Cruz was set to pack Apex over the summer -- until a water main break a few blocks away and just hours before Friday night's opening time forced Joey-O to keep the club closed, since the city couldn't get the water turned back on until Saturday. (Damn WASA! This is why Hearsay always goes bottled.)

The summer appearance was to be Cruz's second spin in D.C., after debuting at the short-lived Flex (what? huh?) party at Platinum earlier this year. There, Cruz spun like nobody's business. Even though few made it their business to show up, and even fewer actually danced, Cruz was spinning his signature mix of upbeat tribal pop, both light and hard, divas and drums, as if he were at his usual packed clubs in New York. Finally, at Apex, we'll all get to experience that in D.C. Hearsay can't wait....

Stroking Your Dates

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October 18, 2007 8:25 AM |
Ryan Gosling1.jpgSometimes, late at night, Hearsay gets lonely and longs for what it doesn't have. Then it thinks about a Ryan Gosling blow-up doll. And a thought like that always does the trick. Soon enough, Hearsay's busy pounding away at its favorite solitary past time -- and it doesn't mean scarfing down Edy's Quadruple Churn Mint Chip 'N Raisins ice cream with a pair of chopsticks. Hearsay has often thought that somebody should put together a calendar that offers tips and pointers on getting the most out of its particular past time. You see, sometimes, late at night, Hearsay gets a little weary of its repetitive technique. It's always up and down, up and down, up and down, maybe a little to the side for variety, then back to up and down, up and down, up and down. Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, until... well, you get the idea.

Strokes Calendar Cover.jpgAnywho, Hearsay thought it was going to get just that last week -- 24 pointers on stroking technique -- when it traipsed over to the Long View Gallery last Thursday, Oct. 11, for the Men of Strokes Calendar launch party. Unfortunately, the strokes in question are different from what Hearsay had in mind. They're more along the lines of the strokes you might make at the gym on a rowing machine. Possibly with a buddy. Or two.... Anyway, the members of DC Strokes are experts at stroking, let's just say that and be done with it. William "Photoplay" Waybourn's gallery was packed with at least 100 gawkers, all there to drink free and view the members of the DC Strokes rowing team in all their tight-T-shirted glory. These men -- and they are men, manly men, the kind of men for whom muscles aren't something that come steamed in a pot with garlic and white wine -- posed for Waybourn for the first-ever calendar, which will help the team buy things like oars and boats and fancy undergarments to prevent chafing.

Kickoff Party.jpgAll but a few calendar boys showed up at the launch party (shy little dears), where gawkers could buy the calendar for $20 (you can buy it, too, at Lambda Rising), and bid to win signed enlargements from the calendar, which were well hung on the gallery walls. Former Metro Weekly art director Tony "Rapidly Fading from Memory" Frye had the pleasure of laying -- er, laying out -- the boys in the spread. Frye was there with his partner of 250 years, Robert "Like Revenge, Gefilte Fish is a Dish Best Served Cold" Lischinsky. It was pretty easy to spot those who stepped right out of the calendar, dressed as they were in skin-tight black T-shirts -- and seeing as how the calendars were being fondled and flipped everywhere you turned. And then there were those enlargements on the walls. Even with all that, Hearsay couldn't get tired of the calendar pin-up crew, including organizers Dalin "Sacredcherry" Holyoak and Michael "My Time Is Now!" Zagoda. And then there were all those Stroke supporters. Those whom Hearsay had the pleasure of greeting included Tyler "Mr." Garrison, Chris "Sir" Bengston, Chris "Captain" Hook, Doug "Royal" King and Mr. Garrison's cute friend Matt, whom Hearsay will forever call Master.

After too many glasses of wine at the launch party -- they even served Two-Buck Chuck! -- Hearsay skipped two doors up to Be Bar, where Lena "Take This Wig and Shove It" Lett commandeered an increasingly rowdy bachelor's auction. It was as good as any excuse to raise money for the team and, of course, get the Strokers shirtless. Or in the case of one hapless young man, pantsless. But it was calendar boy Grant who stirred things up the most, at least on stage. Grant got sassy with Lena after she asked him to remove his shirt, spouting to her that he needed more champagne for that and at another point seeming to take over for her as emcee. In short order, the shirt came off and Grant was off the stage. Lena doesn't suffer fools gladly. Unless they're submissive.

It was calendar crewman Jeff who snagged the highest bid -- $600 -- just for signing his enlargement. Hearsay asked Jeff afterwards how much it would cost to take him to dinner. He laughed, before responding, "Not enough," and then simply walked away, never to be seen again -- until the very next night, when he was seen eating dinner with... well, Hearsay promised not to reveal that. But by all accounts they enjoyed a very lovely stuffed chicken....

The Gay Sporting Life...

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October 11, 2007 9:45 PM |
A week ago Saturday, Hearsay stopped by Nellie's Sports Bar to watch a game, one in which grown men bend over and cup their ball and go deep -- and then say ahhh. But Nellie's doesn't broadcast putt-putt games. So Hearsay watched a different game instead, what you might call al fresco cruising. That rooftop sure gets put to use. Hearsay enjoyed chatting up Scott "All Natural" Cuviello up there. But he wouldn't putt-putt, so Hearsay strutted inside to find a like-minded slut. And just in case you've been scared away from Nellie's because you're not a sports fan... boo! Actually, it's not just a sports bar: On Saturday, Oct. 20, Nellie's will be filled with a more familiar breed of gay, the film buff -- or those willing to pay $40 to attend the Reel Affirmations 17 closing night party. alysonbooks_1971_3646980.jpegBut last Friday, Oct. 5, Nellie's hosted another breed of gay familiar in this town: the politician, and especially the politician groupie. The occasion was the reception for Steve "Count" Gdula's new book Wearing History: T-Shirts from the Gay Rights Movement. Gdula signed copies of the book for the likes of Barney "Fruit of the Loom" Frank, Jim "Calvin Klein" Graham and David "2(x)IST" Catania. Also in attendance: Chip "What An Amazing Race!" Arendt, in town for the next day's AIDS Walk. Arendt spent a good chunk of his D.C. visit at Nellie's, owned by his friend Doug "Antsy Pants" Schantz, who years ago was an advertising colleague of Arendt's in Chicago. It was a busy weekend for Schantz, and not just because of business. The very next night, Schantz was among many other almost unrecognizable men dressed in drag for the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant. What a sport....

The Return of Julian Marsh

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October 7, 2007 8:27 AM |

Last Sunday, Hearsay popped in to check on Atmos Events' Delirium Party, launched just before Labor Day. And sure enough, the place is still drawing a festive crowd to its fashionable locale, Pasha. The event has a friendly, trendy beach attitude, courtesy of Rehoboth party promoter-extraordinaire Bill "Watch This" Alldredge. Alldredge was kind enough to treat Hearsay to a Red-Headed Slut, even though Hearsay's not red-headed. What a drink!

Bennett Harrington.jpgAnd once Hearsay was good and lubed up, Alldredge laid in, giving Hearsay the goods on tonight's special Columbus Day party, which should be the biggest and best yet. >Julian "Swampy" Marsh will spin during prime time. It's Marsh's first stop in D.C. in many years. Delirium's weekly DJ Ting "Blazing Saddles" Azarcon will kick off the night at 5 p.m. for the opening Retro Tea Dance. Plus, newcomer Bennett "Yes, Those Are Real" Harrington will perform his latest dance single, "Paint This Town." The only question remains: What color?....

Winning Town

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October 6, 2007 9:10 PM |

Town logo.jpgElla-Fitzgerald-1.jpgThe movie pass winners of our Town contest from a few weeks ago are Mark Anderson, Peter Murphy and someone named Carl. Yes, just Carl. The correct answer? Ella "I've Got the Music in Me" Fitzgerald, who will be returning to the scene in a big way once Town flings open its doors later this fall. Stay tuned....

Brent Everett Goes Cobalt Blue

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October 6, 2007 8:49 AM |

Brent Everett 2-Cobalt.jpgIt's one social event after another in these here parts, these last few weeks, and right now is probably peak week. But not everything is formal dinners and charity drag pageants. Last weekend, it was a porn star parade that tickled Hearsay. Cobalt, that otherwise upstanding model of shirtless bartenders and flashing low lights, brought in not one but two Chi Chi "Taming of" La Rue-affiliated porn puppies. All Hearsay can say is Woof Woof! Manager Jason "XXX Marks the Spot" Royce and his mutton-chopped minions did a dandy job of decorating, framing oversized neon X lights in chain-length fence. The Friday night star was Brent "I'll Show You Mine and You Don't Have to Show Me Yours" Everett, the freelance porn star who has more fans than a Chinese Souvenir Shop. Paul "Woo Woo!" Rothstein is just one such fan. He couldn't wait to see Everett -- and he didn't. Rothstein arrived late and left early, so he missed seeing Brent perform in skimpy bikini briefs and extra-large smile. To view an assortment of photographs from the evening, Hearsay directs you to its cousin, Scene.Brent Everett 1-Cobalt.jpg

The biggest man in the joint? That would be former NBA star John "Oh, You" Amaechi, in town to speak at the Out & Equal conference. Can you imagine being 6'10" -- in Cobalt? Hearsay considered asking Amaechi for some basketball pointers, specifically how to get two balls through a tight 'n tiny hoop, but then decided that what's the point of taking up sports this late in life and got back to slurping its martini, which is a sport unto itself. Amaechi seemed to be in good spirits and stayed till closing along with Cobalt regulars Steven "Club Monaco" Fretwell, Steve "Goldilocks" Finafrock, Mark "Blue Bonnet On It" Milligan, Chaz "It's Not Butter" Crawford, Shane "Stand Back" Griffith and Ray "Funny Fleece" Madrid....