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The party continues at The New Gay

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November 28, 2008 2:01 PM |

This Saturday, Nov. 29, one of Hearsay’s favorite gay blogs is throwing its third Homo/Sonic dance party. The New Gay’s bimonthly party proved so successful – and crowded – over the summer, The Black Cat has moved it from the quaint, confined downstairs Backstage to the massive, wide-open upstairs Mainstage, which holds several times as many people. The cute “upbeat trip-hop” band Little Dragon is scheduled to perform.

You’re guaranteed a festive, across-the-board diverse crowd, and a whole lotta singing-along pop fun. The various New Gay bloggers really mix it up as the night’s DJs, alternating from New Order to Franz Ferdinand, from Bjork to Lykke Li, from Erasure to Missy Elliott. Even Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson have been known to make an appearance on the sound system. The party gets started at 10 p.m. Cover is $10.

Shane's Still Dancin...

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November 28, 2008 1:58 PM |
Last month, Hearsay first discovered Shane “Sweet Feet” Mercado, the original male hoofer-spoofer of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” video. Remember him, dancing around almost naked in a tattered leotard? Since then, there’s been at least two mash-ups of his original video on YouTube. (And then of course SNL did its own hot making-of-the-video spoof starring Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.) Now, Mercado, the YouTube sensation, has since been interviewed on New York’s CW1, and last Tuesday he was a guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show – yep, she’s still talking – dancing in front of Beyonce’s original video, before a studio audience. (He’s wearing a bit more clothing for national TV, of course.) Check it out – it’s more polished than his original, and he comes off like a total charmer....

Sarah Palin's Turkey Death

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November 26, 2008 8:16 AM |

Hearsay loves this video, which shows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey and then giving a post-pardon interview to a reporter but failing to notice the grisly business going on behind her. Aren't we all glad this woman ain't Veep?

DC Eagle: 37 Years of Flying High

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November 22, 2008 10:14 AM |
Bill Cappello.jpg

Hearsay can remember when the DC Eagle was just a teenager. Oh, the fun Hearsay used to have teaching the Eagle how to drive – “drive gently, and treat that gearstick like it was your own” – not to mention how to give a lube job. Or a hydraulic lift! (You didn’t know that back deck used to be an auto-body shop? This was back in the day before manual!)

But the club is an old pro now – and firmly an adult, just the way Hearsay prefers it. Yes, the leading leather bar in the Nation is turning 37 – still a few years away from a mid-life crisis. Hearsay congratulates current owner Bill "These Boots Are Made From Genuine 100 Percent Cow" Cappello on keeping the iconic DC establishment going strong. This weekend, the venue is celebrating in full-force. The climax comes tonight, with the annual Mr. DC Eagle Contest, which starts at 11 p.m.

Sunday brings the Mr. DC Eagle Victory Party – so if you didn’t get a chance to grope the winner Saturday, here’s a second chance!

Fuego's Underwear Heat

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November 21, 2008 1:02 PM |

Baby, it's cold outside, so bundle up as you head over to 1818 New York Avenue NE tonight. But underneath your parka, your sequins and your harness – layers, sweetie! – be sure to wear your best underwear so you can dress down once you step inside the fire of Fuego, where every Friday night but especially this Friday night the city’s hottest Latino night puts the rigid in frigid!

DJ XTASIS will whip you into a salsa/cumbia/merengue frenzy at tonight's Underwear Party. For those of you who may know, Fuego is the longstanding party thrown by Philip “Mas Sexy” Doyle and DJ Hector “Que Wow.” Latino and Latina dancers will strip and strut, as will some of D.C.’s finest drag queens, including Gigi Paris “Juicy” Couture and Sofia “Second Nature” Carrero, who is currently Carrero, who is currently celebrating her birthday. Her party goes on and on and, “take that off!” Yes, it’s an underwear party, don’t forget, so show her some (beef)cake, and she’ll blow out your candle with feeling! Doors open at 10:30 p.m. and the show is at midnight. Oh, and there's plenty of free parking available....

Joe Gauthreaux spins tonight at Be Bar

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November 14, 2008 11:54 AM |

It’s that time again – time to really dance it up at Be Bar. Yes, Hearsay means 9th Street’s fun and chic lounge. There’s a dance floor tucked away in back, after all. Maybe you haven’t actually danced on it yet – you must have missed out several weeks ago, when the gay circuit’s No. 1 female DJ Tracy “Pull Up to the Bumper” Young kicked off in high-energy fashion the venue’s new DJ Series of occasional parties with circuit sensations. Shame on you, and don’t let it happen again. Tonight, Nov. 14, Be Bar brings Joe “Reap What You Sow” Gauthreaux, this year’s “It” DJ on the circuit, having spun the Winter Party, the Black Party, gay Disney’s One Mighty Party, NYC Pride’s Pier Dance, P-Town over the 4th, etc. Next up, after Be Bar: Miami’s White Party in a couple weeks.

A New Orleans native who just moved from New York to Los Angeles, Gauthreaux always draws an energetic and friendly crowd when he comes to town, in part because he generally plays energetic and friendly dance music. “My music is happier” than the circuit norm, he said in an interview recently posted to his website. “Not ‘Perfect Day’ all night, but people want something not as dark as a few years ago.” Sounds just right to Hearsay!...

The Lizard's $600K Upgrade

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November 14, 2008 10:31 AM |

Hearsay’s super-excited about this weekend. Why? Because it’s time for Lizard Lounge’s Grand Reopening, Part 4. In a decade of providing free, fabulous fun on Sunday nights – minus a two-year hiatus – Mark “Put That In Your Pipe” Lee’s party started at its third location just six months ago. But the club, Lima Restaurant & Lounge, decided it was time for an upgrade. Closed the past two Sundays, the Lizard starts squirming again this Sunday at its “Renovation Re-Opening Celebration.” Lee promises “fun, new elements.” The club’s owner, Masoud “We Built This City” Aboughaddareh, who also owned Lizard’s original home, Eleventh Hour, at 14th and Church where Garden District is now, spent over $600,000 renovating Lima, at 14th and K. Improvements include an expanded dance floor and bar area in the basement, with new lighting and sound, and totally new private bathrooms big enough to double as their own lounges.

Lee raved about the club’s new “specially made water feature,” built as part of a new glass-paneled center staircase. How exciting is it? “It’s not as exciting as the New Jersey councilman who urinated off the balcony at the 9:30 Club,” Lee conceded in jest, referring to last Friday night’s arrest of a Jersey City councilman who peed on the crowd down below. Lima’s water feature is more of a peaceful (urine-free) waterfall, trickling down from the top-floor restaurant level to the basement dance floor. No one will get wet, Lee promises. But they can still get lit -- and light up. The outdoor patio will still serve as a prominent and preeminent smoking lounge. Puff, the magic lizard. And DJ Kostas is still the resident DJ, rotating with Luke “Like Sunday Morning” Easley. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke....

Cobalt Military.jpg

Last Friday, November 7, Cobalt was hopping, and not just because of its exceedingly popular Real Man’s Happy Hour, which every week brings all the local bears out of hibernation. Grrrr! Why lookie who it is, last week’s covermusican himself, Richard “It’s Funny” Morel. (Not to be confused with last week’s Coverboy, or the annual Coverboy of the Year Contest going on right now. Be sure to vote!) And right next to him, the man who took his picture, Metro Weekly’s own Todd “Gin and Bear It” Franson.

The joint was jumping, and not just because it was Cobalt general manager Jason “I Heart the '80s” Royce’s birthday. But in fact it was! Happy birthday, JR! The club gave out a 21-gun salute to the military, encouraging patrons to dress up in support of the troops, or in support of uniform fetishes the world over, or in support of Veteran's Day, or just for fun. The club itself was dressed up military-style, with mesh decorations hanging from the ceiling. (Do they double as a sling in the privacy of a closed club, Hearsay wondered. Research for another day!) Hearsay stayed just long enough to hear some of the fun and funky tunes from DJ Darryl “That Was Easy” Strickland, and to see Trey “Linda Is My Bitch Now” Graham and Tim “Nobody Beats Him” Hollandmoritz. Hearsay was taken by the evening’s host, Ronnie “Fightin Illini” Kroell, of Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, as well as the late-night DJ, Angelo “Tribal Tantra” Kortez.

Dave and Robbie.jpg

Earlier in the evening, Hearsay was sloshing about at the NGLCC National Dinner, hobnobbing with big business types who know the difference between a spreadsheet and spreading one's legs. Hearsay has a word of friendly, unsolicited advice for Chris "Cookie Dough" Dyer: Enough already with the opening "The Mayor Couldn't Be Here" joke. Hearsay has heard it delivered about 3.2 billion times and, well, it's time for some new material. If you're stuck for humor, Hearsay suggests a copy of 1001 Bon Mots for Mayoral Aides, available at Amazonwomenonthemoon.org. Hearsay was delighted to see a side of Wes "Kookie, Lend Me Your" Combs it didn't know existed. Let's just say it reminded Hearsay of its own Beatlemania days. And Hearsay was impressed when Dave "Whoop Whoop!" Perruzza, currently one of the city's most eligible bachelors, scored via the evening's silent auction not only a walk-on on Ugly Betty but a dinner date with a male supermodel. Guess which one? (Give up? Hearsay, will give you a visual hint.) Looks like Perruzza's Bachelorhood Reboot is off to a spectacularly successful start....

At Apex, Enough is Never Enough

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November 7, 2008 11:44 AM |

Remember when nightclubs would bring in performers and not just DJs? The type to take the stage and sing – and maybe strip too, woo hoo! – not just stand back from the crowd and play? Well, Apex is on a roll these days – first with Inaya “Keep Pushin’” Day in September, then Colton “Still Pullin’” Ford in October. And tonight, Friday, Nov. 7, Apex brings in not one but two divas to sing their hearts out: Amber and Zelma Davis. Amber is sure to sing some of her hits from the past decade – “This Is Your Night,” “You Move Me” and of course “Sexual.” “Li da di” Davis was a vocalist with C+C Music Factory, so she’s almost certain to sing some of the hits from that early ‘90s group, including “Everybody Dance Now.”

But the real draw on this night is seeing the two perform their new duet “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).” Yep, a makeover of the disco classic from Barbra “I’m Not Crying After Tuesday” Streisand and Donna “S-T-A-M-P” Summer. Amber and Zelma sound great together – and there’s every reason to think today’s gay boys will love this dramatic kiss-off as much as yesterday’s did. (And if you’re a gay from yesterday and today, you’re sure to love it tomorrow even more! It’s timeless.) One of Hearsay's favorite local DJs will spin before and after the show -- DJ Alex “I Wanna Go Deeper” Cohen. Yep, that should be enough! Show promptly at 12:30 a.m. Cover is $12.

Wanna see military might?

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November 6, 2008 9:16 AM |

Attention all soldiers -- and of course, soldier-groupies. Friday, Cobalt is hosting its first-ever all day, all night Military Party. The club is requesting patrons dress up -- in camouflage/military, leather, black or any uniform you’d like, including presumably business attire, as The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is throwing its official annual dinner after-party in the club that night as well. (Just pretend you're a high-level civilian official from The Pentagon.) And if you just go as a bear, well, Cobalt is the site of the Real Man’s Happy Hour, which starts at 5 p.m. every Friday.

For this latest iteration of Cobalt’s Flight 1639 party – don’t forget to sign up for your boarding pass for free entry – go-go dancers will wear camo and military attire, and Ronnie “Fighting Illlini” Kroell will serve as host after 11 p.m. Kroell, you'll recall, was the runner-up on Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel – he was the gay half of a “bromance” with prison guard Ben “Under Orders” DiChiara – and most recently appeared on the cover of Instinct magazine, September issue. Maybe he’ll show the crowd his camo-Calvins!

Local DJ Darryl “That Was Easy” Strickland will spin until 10 p.m., and then former D.C. resident Angelo “Tribal Tantra” Kortez returns from Miami to stir things up.

No need to take off work, just take off early: the party starts at 5 p.m. and goes until 3 a.m. -- a full night’s worth of fun, plus a little overtime (if you’re lucky). Sir!

Early Voting Results

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November 4, 2008 11:56 AM |

Hearsay thought that headline might get your attention. And your attention is what Hearsay seeks. If you haven’t already voted, then might Hearsay bitchily ask you: Why the bloody hell not? Go get in line, you lazy lardass! And make sure you vote CORRECTLY. In other words, Hearsay would like to be able to start tomorrow with a cup of coffee, a smile, a few bluebirds twittering around its head singing the following song:

Bye Bye Bushie, Hello Barackie!

If voting isn’t itself enough of a reward to you as an American, then how about some capitalistic benevolence? That’s right, a few merchants are giving away their wares. If you drink coffee, tell the barista at Starbucks you voted and they’ll brew you a Tall cup of coffee. If you like ice cream – even in crisp autumn weather – head over to a participating Ben & Jerry’s – the Dupont Circle location is one – from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and show your “I Voted” sticker to get a free scoop of ice cream. What about a doughnut? Well, participating Krispy Kreme locations are offering customers wearing an “I Voted” sticker a free star-shaped doughnut with patriotic sprinkles. And really, who wants to diet on a day like today?

Tonight, continue eating like a Barack-star at either Capitol City Brewing Co. or Nellie’s to watch the election returns. Dubbed Election Night Out, the Human Rights Campaign’s party at Capitol City is a tradition. But get there early to snag a booth. Meanwhile, the newer kid on the block, Nellie’s, is throwing its own “Which Way Will They Swing?” party, focused, of course, on the swing states, not the swingers in the crowd. The party is hosted by the Stein Dems, the Stonewall Dems, and the Fem Dems of Hybla Valley.

Or you can just stay at home and follow along at Sean Bugg's Buggblog, where our beloved editorial magnate and keeper of all things secret, sparkly and cherished will be live blogging from an ultra-private party at an island with special properties somewhere in the Baltic Sea. Could be tres insightful, depending on how many dirty martinis the Buggmeister General throws back.