September 7-13, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 7, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Things are not as they appear, but you can't blame your perceptions, or even the intentions of others. This is one of those times where a sea change may do every one a world of good. Reformulate expectations, reframe contexts, redirect efforts. The shift will bring you greater scope for your potential and greater breadth of opportunity in the months to come. Once you've loosened up and got your face adjusted, you'll have plenty of time to get on out there and flirt.

Aries: You're distanced from your objective, as though you viewed it from underwater. You can let matters lie, and find yourself waking to an unexpected success, or you can fight this and bring matters to a fore in full consciousness. Both choices have merit. Check with Virgo.

Taurus: You don't know what to expect from your community of faith, but there's more to the picture than meets the eye. Go sleuthing at your own risk, as you're likely to uncover all sorts of skeletons in all the wrong closets, without finding what you were looking for. Wear cotton.

Gemini: Inside your present confusion is a successful, self-directed, achievement-oriented individual, ambivalent about committing to doing and being so much more. You don't have to go all the way there. You could dip your toes in a brave new world with a file re-organization.

Cancer: You're walking tall. You're following through. You're not in full possession of all the necessary data. Don't hold yourself accountable for what no one could help. Don't forget to get with the program before you write off your present effort. Listen to Aquarius.

Leo: You want to share nicely. You want to make your partner happy whilst increasing your own satisfaction with life on the meta and real-time levels alike. But you may be facing a case of the fisherman's wife who wouldn't rest 'til she was pope. Curb your passions and ambitions

Virgo: Will you let go and give one hundred and ten percent? Yes, that's not a real number, but it's symbologically powerful -- as you must be to gather others to your way of getting things done. Don't hold back. Don't ease up. Don't drop the ball before you're in the end zone

Libra: You've been there and back again, but there's really no place like home; and you're happy to say it. Having got things as you like them to be, would you consider taking on the effort of imagination in redesigning and upgrading so that you're in the presence of superlatives?

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Scorpio: It's wonderful to dream of the unbounded depths which you long to share with some sensitive other. But does that figment ever take form? You might get luckier than you're capable of recognizing, if you can only stay open to the possibilities in the most unlikely place.

Sagittarius: You're a bit sensitive after procrastinating and blowing off so much in favor of absolutely nothing in particular. Don't be defensive; you were incubating your next glorious, unbelievable self-transformation. But now is the time to cease delaying. Do it.

Capricorn: What you've heard cannot compare with the reality. Your new environment has much to teach you about relaxing your boundaries and shifting your outcomes so that they accord more gracefully with what nature has in mind. Take time to question a Pisces Friday.

Aquarius: Who do you love and what do you do with the energy that it provides? The exchange would be fairer if you were a teensy bit more expressive of your own devotion and delight. Don't be afraid to look the fool. There's winsomeness in innocent sincerity. Cavort.

Pisces: Don't make up your mind. Don't change your mind. Don't abandon your decision. Just let things rest a little longer. There's something alchemical fermenting in the athanor of your soul. Before it turns to vinegar and putrefaction is a window of transubstantiation of ideals.

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