March 15-21, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 15, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The changing of seasons brings a certain degree of chaos, anomie and a mood of free-floating anxiety tied to all those tiny little things that remain undone. Give yourself extra time to get organized, and extra space to arrange all those items on your to-do list. Don't cross anything off until you confirm the results were received on the other end. Schedule time for daydreaming. You'll get your best answers yet from dreams on Sunday night.

Aries: Are you still running around with your head on fire? Didn't you commit to getting that conflagration under control? That's OK, now your brain's all warmed up for the task of using your intuition to divine the path forward. You won't need a weatherman to know which way.

Taurus: If you were to build your house on sand, the intensity of your desire to succeed might well turn the land to glass -- a brittle, yet stable, foundation. If you were to plumb the depths of your soul, you might find sufficient heat and light to power your wildest dreams.

Gemini: It's not easy. But you're enjoying, as it were, the challenge of rising to the occasion and showing off your new steel-alloy spine. Give yourself a pat on your newly bionic back. Then get with the experts and wise-persons to work out a long-range strategy on Monday.

Cancer: Walk tall. You've stepped up to the plate, and you're almost positive you committed to go the distance. You won't mind facing the music once you become used to that new, syncopated beat. You might even learn to do a new dance before the cycle is finished.

Leo: Once you forgive yourself, you'll have all compassion for others, but it begins in your heart of hearts. Judge yourself more lightly, if you can. Allow others to intercede for you with yourself. If you've hit bottom, you'll having something against which to push off to go up.

Virgo: If you could only convince yourself that you don't have to understand, you just have to give yourself up to the moment entirely. Sure, Zen koans are tough, but doing without this piece of wisdom won't make the journey forward more joyful. Find your inner rhythm.

Libra: Was it something you said? Was it something you ate? Was it something you left behind? By the time you remember, there'll be something else in play in any case. Just write down everything that occurs to you as you think of it and you'll have more peace of mind.

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Scorpio: Are you living in a fool's paradise? Are you blind to the limitations of reality? Good for you! It's never too late to reclaim the immense power of pure imagination coupled to indomitable will. Ignore the Doubting Thomases, you're on the right track and you know it.

Sagittarius: Feeling distracted? Is the past fiddling with your perceptions of the present? Don't lock your memories away, face them down and let them have the input they crave. If you have the patience to temper your actions in the crucible of personal history, you'll win.

Capricorn: It's a new season. Time for you to dream the outcomes you most desire and get down to putting in the labor required to see those goals to fruition. Don't sweat the details, right now you need a big picture painted in bold brushstrokes to get you going. Take a walk.

Aquarius: You're aware that you're not standing in flattering light, right? As smart as you are, you could easily find a better position to showcase your most appealing features. You may as well decide to turn on the full charm and bluster your way through -- it will work.

Pisces: Let the world disintegrate a little. Watch how the pattern breaks down and use those observations to predict how larger systems would respond to the same benign neglect. Once you get the hang of these deteriorating fractals, you'll have a useful perspective for Sunday.

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