August 2-8, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 2, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: If God's in Her heaven and all's right with the world, why are you standing there with that look on your face? It's not as easy as you'd hoped. It's taking longer than you'd thought. Tolls, taxes and surcharges are taking you by surprise. Add up your victories and you'll find that you're still breaking even, or even doing better than that. Yet you're behind schedule and your early investments are not turning the values you'd expected. Reformulate to widen the margin.

Aries: It's a long, long trail a windin', and you've been riding herd on this concept for longer than you'd care to remember. It's a challenge still. It's been an adventure most of the way. But will you get the pay off of your dreams? Will you conquer all and take the stage in glory?

Taurus: Your chickens are coming home to roost, and not a minute too soon. You'll have to let some of your potential move into the manifest (and then some) to pull off this next feat of long-range, hard-core, no-holds-barred life planning. Will you grow up to coach others? Play.

Gemini: Stuck in the mire? Bogged down by reality, and all its myriad limitations? It's not easy being light-hearted when you're up against the wall and facing down the challenge of getting through the real world with your hopes and aspirations all in one piece. Travel gently.

Cancer: It walks, talks and poops like a duck—but what about the scale? If that's a duck, it's the Trojan Duck. Give yourself props for recognizing the anomaly long before those around you. When you get done playing Cassandra on the walls, come on down and share strategy.

Leo: It's an uphill row to hoe, and when you get there, you'll find you've garnered the attention of those who would love to make your daily life tougher and more rewarding all at once. Will you accept the accolades—and the responsibility? Will you duck and run for cover?

Virgo: You're all that, saying so right now might put you in the way of having to go the distance and substantiate your claim. You remember the story of Rumpelstiltskin, right? Spin straw into gold; make love not war; try, try again. You'll get your reward sooner than thought.

Libra: You didn't come here to argue, but you're not going to back down. Not only is it a matter of principle; it's also a matter of self preservation. You weren't misled, exactly. But the bottom line is not a pretty sight, and you weren't prepared. Leave early, stay late, learn more.

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Scorpio: It's not time to be a superhero. It's time to be super at the support roles in life. You can be the girlfriend, or the ward, or the faithful cabbie--and all of these will give you the scope you crave for expressing your wiles and practicing subterfuges—and for a good cause.

Sagittarius: You're on the go, but you're not going anywhere in a hurry. It's not your desire, it's the terrain. You're in good shape for the challenge, but you won't make it easier by complaining. And you won't make others love you more deeply with personal martyrdom.

Capricorn: How do you know when you're ready? How do you know when the next cycle's kicked in and all the rules have been upgraded to match your acquired levels of long-term competence? Take a good look around. You'll see the world is more than ready right now.

Aquarius: You're not one to quibble, but what started as a good idea: good for the neighbor-hood, good for your ambitions, good for the common weal—may have grown in the dark into something utterly more and utterly beyond your control. Whither goest, Dr. Frankenstein?

Pisces: Surprise! It's taking longer than you felt it would. It's exceeding your projections on almost every front. It's like a rabbit that grew, slowly, into an elephant. Do you enjoy the many privileges conferred on you by this rarity? Do you ride your new acquisition to work?

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