December 20-26, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 20, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: This year won't end with a whimper. And it may not end with a bang. But there's still time to tidy up, finish the shopping, baking and all the rest of the collateral craziness that makes the grand finale so grand. Put on your sparkly persona to amaze your friends and confound your family of origin. Put on your sparkly gear to attract the right attention at one of those parties to which you've been invited. Whatever you do, don't stay home moping and decking the halls all alone.

Aries: Some years you eat the bear, some years the bear eats you. This year may be different from all others in that there seems to be no bear. That's okay -- there's a surprise waiting for you that changes the course of the season in one amazing moment. Be prepared for surprise.

Taurus: If it walks like a present, sounds like a present and smells like a present then it probably is a present. But is it for you to have, or for you to give away. Try to open your hands to the world this season and you'll find that your generosity isn't forgotten when it's push time.

Gemini: You'll walk in the light again, but that's not what time of year this is. Give the times the respect that is their due. Find a way to make your right connection to this lack of light and warmth. When you find the good, the rest will slip into place. Wear tinsel for festivity.

Cancer: You can sense the magic in the air. You can feel the shift as it prepares the way for itself. There's a point where everything is divided into before and after. You stand on one such cusp this cycle. Get ready to be amazed and amused by what the universe has prepared.

Leo: Fill yourself with good cheer and spill it onto those around you. Your infectious good nature will serve you well as you rollick, frolic and mingle your way through the myriad entertainments on offer. Use your ability to see the cup half-full on Sunday and save the day.

Virgo: It's not a miracle in the traditional sense of the word. This one took planning, and split second timing. You could've been a contender, handling this with so much finesse. What a delight you've brought to those who had no expectation (and some would say) no right.

Libra: Each choice you make allows you to make another and another. Each crossroad gets you further down the road of your experiential existence. Each time you step up to the plate and do for others as much as you would like done for yourself ensures a more loving future.

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Scorpio: Walk out of the shadows and into the brief light of the solstice. Use the low-glare environment to mark your goals and assess your progress. You have a ways to go before you're home free. But you're farther than you had any inkling of going. Congratulations!

Sagittarius: You're closer to your targets than you'd envisioned. You're farther from your disincentives than you'd realized. Your proximity to support is rivaled only by your pride in not accepting assistance. This is the wrong time of the year to try to go it alone. Use the phone.

Capricorn: It's not ridiculous if it's also probable. A line was crossed and now the world is re-made in a new image. Can you adjust to take advantage of this unexpected transformation? Can you drop back, drop out or drop in? You'll enjoy the shift in pace and company alike.

Aquarius: What do you remember, and when did you start remembering it? Recovering chunks of time like that can be disconcerting. But it can also be the first step in getting you to a rounded perception of how the past has built the present from which you access the future.

Pisces: You had no idea how far you'd go once you got started. Now that you're here, and a long way from anywhere by most accounts, you have time to consider and reconsider your myriad choices. Let your heart lead the encounter. Let your deepest emotions sound clearly.

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