February 28 - March 5, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 28, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: This is the time to make the most of your recovered momentum. You were on your way in autumn, and then you got yourself into a snarl of words and actions -- the likes of which is rarely seen. But you're back on track and making time the old fashioned way. Use your increased sensitivity to get to the heart of the matter. There's a meal involved, and a point of family pride. Is it your family's baggage that stands between you and your heart's desire?

Aries: You've been thinking again, and that can lead to feeling. And that can lead to action. You've had your hands tied by the confluence of events, but now the good-sportsman-of-the-year award has been handed out, and no one's looking. Do what you have to do. Ask aloud.

Taurus: You coulda' been a contender. You might still be one. You only have to choose to take the high ground a ram that sentimental load of codswallup right back into the aperture from which it came. You would be the first to feel squidgey if the deal weren't kosher. Relax.

Gemini: It's not the initiative that's passing from your grasp -- it's just not your turn to stand on the frontline anymore. Regroup and remember that as you reassess what else you might consider and where else might give you the vantage point you require to feel informed.

Cancer: It's your turn. You could turn into the dynamo you've been before. You could rise to the occasion and really set them back on their heels. And if you can, you will. It's not that you lack courage-or motivation. You just need to feel a little more centered, and then Bam!

Leo: Is it what you want for yourself -- or are you covering for someone who's so ''helpless'' that they can't manage alone? You may have run to the rescue of a false-alarm. Try to recall that not every distress call is what it seems. Some of them are only Darwinian adaptations.

Virgo: Is this the way it has to be? Have you got that millstone affixed to your person forever? You'll find your troubles melt away like clouds after the storm is spent. You'll see more than light at the end of the tunnel -- you'll see that you've managed to get somewhere over the rainbow. You can't go there alone. Bring a few friends on Friday.

Libra: Get to the point. And then take a breath. The situation has changed. Maybe even for the better. You can work the message you want into the crowd. You can massage the context to give it more oomph as necessary. Don't be afraid to use your strategic gifts well.

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Scorpio: You can let go now. You've been trying too hard, running the Red Queen's race. At this point, you don't have much farther to go. And you're closer than you think to your ultimate objective. Don't be surprised at how quickly things move. Don't stem the tide, yet.

Sagittarius: The weight has been lifted. The regret has been dissolved in blood, sweat and tears. You're ready to go forward and stop living with the details of your past actions. Now that you have a clean slate, where are you going to go -- and what will you do there? Reflect.

Capricorn: Life expands. Life contracts. It's like the beating of the heart. Just now, you're shifting from a contraction mode. Don't let the opportunities that arise pass you by just because you're surprised by the range of your options. These are real, and it's not Christmas.

Aquarius: You've been dealing with the external and the superficial. Now it's time to have a look at matters internal and profound. You'll know what you know, when you're ready to know it. But will you be able to act on that knowledge? You have the courage, the technology.

Pisces: It's easier done than said. Let your intuition wash through your awareness. It will have answers to questions you haven't been able to shape. This fresh perspective allows you to make choices based primarily on your feelings, and not the thinkings of others. Go there.

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