April 3-9, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 3, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Can things simultaneously heat up and cool down? Is it possible for something going backward to make forward progress? Chaos physics aside, yes, Virginia, the Universe embraces opposing paradigms and throws them together to get along in the same sand-box of mortal perception. You'll get as much started as you find you have to finish off. You'll be taking giant steps to the future and currently halting in apparent motion. This might be a Zen koan -- or it might be (more likely) the literal truth.

Aries: Is it your turn, again? Be pleased with your primacy. Be active in your advantages. Be realistic in your expectations. You'll get farther with less fuss if you remember to take the parking brake up. You can ask any question, but you're not guaranteed a wish fulfillment.

Taurus: You're not to blame. It wasn't part of anything you were meant to handle. But the ton of bricks appears to be headed your way -- with a shipping label clearly affixed. Now's a good time to take two timely steps to the side. Now's the time to get out of the kitchen. Go.

Gemini: You can do anything you wish. You can refuse every opportunity posted by the ineffable on your behalf. You have the choice. But the blessings and the bounty of existence are yours by birthright. Leave your inner toddler behind, and relearn the art of getting to 'yes.'

Cancer: You fell for the hype and now you're more than a little disappointed? You used to be more sophisticated than that. Celebrate the rebirth of your innocence. Celebrate a new start. Celebrate having to face your choices and learn their names and their causes. It's a bargain!

Leo: How did you know which end was up when you were little? It was trial and error. So is this phase. Don't be concerned with your mistakes, they point the way to maturing judgment and focused action. This is a curve, and you're not far from your optimal point on it. Breathe.

Virgo: Is it just you? Not that all the news has been rough, but the cumulative effects of some of it have been hard to take in all at once. Cut yourself some slack, give yourself some options. Reconsider those choices already cast by the wayside. You're still a contender. Leap.

Libra: Is it your vitality or motivation that went south first? It feels like allergies, but the problem is all in your head. If you take a new attitude, you'll be able to have it fitted and on your back in three shakes of a lamb's tale. Go for something bold, different and radically loud.

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Scorpio: The winds of change are sweeping across the prairie of your perception. You see differently -- perhaps in a part of the spectrum not previously visible to you. These extensions of your personal power can be used for good. You could also just go and take over the world.

Sagittarius: This is a time for renewal of faith. This is a time to show the world what you're made of and stand up to be counted. You're good for the promises you make. You're good for the long haul. All you need now is someone who believes in you enough to make it true.

Capricorn: Destiny wears many faces. Sometimes you get what you expect, and sometimes you don't even know what's out there to know what might be on offer. Open your heart to the options and you'll be surprised at the true range of what's available. Listen in the silence.

Aquarius: You're still on top of your game. You're still the one who does the best on-the-fly-analysis ever. You're still the one who grasps the big picture whilst surviving the application of all those pesky details. You'll even be getting credit for your efforts. Back to school soon?

Pisces: Do you have what you want? Do you want what you have? Can these two points of view be made to dovetail into a single productive whole? It's not certain that they can, but you have the gifts to find solutions where no one else could. Don't be afraid to quit, if necessary.

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