April 17-23, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 17, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is it now or never? It doesn't have to be. If you're feeling a certain pressure, you haven't accounted for the obvious. There's a shift in sight, even if it's not what you might have chosen originally -- it's still an out. Let your life speak and tell the story of your beliefs through your actions. The attention you garner could change the course of history. Are you stalwart enough to be the poster child when what really matters is at stake? Give yourself props for poise and finesse.

Aries: You can struggle, but you'll only become more deeply entangled in this net of your own weaving. Is this the version of the future for which you've yearned? You have time to retrace your tracks and find the path to happily-ever-after. Are you brave enough to change so much.

Taurus: It's not so much a dance with the devil as a happy hour with his helpers. You can learn a lot through quiet infiltration. You don't have to go in with guns blazing. Let those mistaken assumptions stand and you could learn a bucket. Choose pink at the cash wrap.

Gemini: Is it winsome and delightful? Will you be taking it home to enrich your perspective? You don't have to. Seeing it once could be all the impetus you need to make the necessary changes. You have great strategy -- sometimes you get so excited you lose track of your ends.

Cancer: You might. And then again, you might not. You've been drifting. It's time to get back on the horse and head off (or on) into the sunset. You have the momentum. Don't squander it for a twinge of sentimentality. Make those connections and let nature take her course.

Leo: Time and tide are on your side. Your vision is excellent, and you're seeing farther now than you've challenged yourself to look in a long time. Pride may be a sin, but it will help you hold your head up and stick to your guns when the stuff hits the fan on Monday. Be brave.

Virgo: You could walk on and leave the mess to someone else, but that's not your style. You could get embroiled, deeper than you'd ever imagined -- from a simple act of compassion. Are you ready to go so far on principle? Will you want to back away when push comes to shove?

Libra: You're not as confused as you seem, but you have to do the thinking for a number of others. You have the chops to get through this in one piece, and bring your tribe through to success. You will, however, have to act with both caution and speed. What a joyful koan!

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Scorpio: Are you the one? Is it now? Suddenly, everything is moving in slow-mo, or you're cranked up into bullet time. It's hard to know which is most true. Either way, you can do what you have to do before most people realize what's in play and the consequences thereof.

Sagittarius: If it were easy, you wouldn't be so pumped up. Be glad you have such a concrete reason to get your head back in the game. Once you've cleared the distractions, you'll find the goals easy to set and almost easier to achieve. You have a friend in an unexpected place.

Capricorn: Skip the blame assigning and get back to your authentic values. Your choices are your own- rough hew them how the environment will. Take a stand and take charge, you have the technology and the vision to make this disaster a bionic success. You can if you will.

Aquarius: Obedience is harder than sacrifice. If you do the thing as asked, you'll come out smelling like a rose -- and it will be an act of bravery on your part, since outcomes are almost never guaranteed. Stand up and be counted. Then spread your conviction like a web virus.

Pisces: Look around: Is this where you feel you should be? If you were going to take action and make a conscious choice, what would you do? Whose advice will you trust? Consult with the still, small voice within and you can't go wrong. Don't hurry, and bring a new partner.

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