May 21-27, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 22, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: This is a good time to clear up any misunderstandings, before they get deeper. It's time to educate yourself so that you don't carry misconceptions further. It's time to pour yourself a venti at the coffee bar of reality and drink deeply. Get both feet firmly grounded and you'll enjoy the spectacle to come more than if you got carried away and didn't know what was real and what was illusion. You've got the focus to see through disguises. Will you use your powers for good?

Aries: Looking is free. It's all the other stuff you can imagine that will get you into trouble. Is that what you want? If you don't feel up to enumerating the consequences of your rashness, find a Capricorn crony to assist you. Walk on the wild side: Wear paisley and stripes together.

Taurus: It's not a bird or a plane, but it's hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles. Don't rush into anything. There's more information coming to light all the time, and some of it is actually germane to your concerns. Give yourself a pat on the back for your discernment.

Gemini: You want it all, and chances are you could engage in the juggling that would allow you to have your cake and eat it too. But will you have the timing to jump in and grab for what you want? The choice is yours, but it is a choice and there may be no consolation prize.

Cancer: You've been super-sizing your orders of reality lately. It's put you in a rough mood and given you a bleak outlook. Check over your shoulder, and you may find that you've gotten further than you'd hoped. And you may see that you've covered some cool terrain.

Leo: Get back to nature and you'll find yourself rejuvenated in ways you'd deemed impossible only weeks ago. You can rebuild yourself and become practically bionic, but you have to let go of the attempts you made that weren't successful. Learn from your mistakes on Friday.

Virgo: The winds of change are dancing on the treetops, more a desultory breeze than any stronger force. It's not often that you have a choice to become, or to stay as you are. There are advantages to both sides of the issue. But change, and our bodies, is organic. Now what?

Libra: Look as far and as hard as you can. You have options -- some that are unthinkable, some that were unthinkable. Adapt your perspective without diluting your ethics and you'll do just fine with all the new connections you might make. Wear blue to set a tone and soothe.

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Scorpio: It's the lotus that blooms and scents the night air so dramatically. It does so from muddy, fetid waters. Be like the lotus and show the world your best side, drawing on your environment to surprise others with the richness that comes unexpectedly in these times.

Sagittarius: You used to be lucky. It's not that your luck has run out. Instead, you've changed and so has the nature of your good fortune. It'll be more hard work for you to come out on top. It'll mean staying focused and committed to get from here to there. You have the chops.

Capricorn: You could go with the flow, but that would go against the grain of your nature. Try something else. Try to become a seine, and let the times flow through you as you extract all that seems useful and some things that merely intrigue. You have the luck on Thursday.

Aquarius: Let your mind scroll back a ways. The answer to the dilemma of today is right there, buried in your own cache of RAM. You don't need a new motherboard. You need the gunk cleared out of the one you have. Consider meditation or running to free your head up.

Pisces: You could have been a contender. You still are in every book, except your own. Have you given up entirely? An unexpected change in direction midweek could hold the seeds of the future. It's up to you to decide if you're settling or merely settling down. Wear a smile.

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