July 17-23, 2008

Carrie Megginson
Published on July 17, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It could have been warm and cozy, intimate and undisturbed. But that's not what's going down--whether it was too much sensitivity, or not enough (depending on perspective), there's lots of blame to go around. Break the cycle with superhuman efforts involving charity and faith. If you get that far, you have the right to hope for a brighter tomorrow as soon as today. Cool off with a cool drink and even cooler conversations with people so far in the know they write it.

Aries: It's not too late. I wouldn't leave it any longer than you have already, but you can still get in, and you can still make the kind of impression that does you the most good. You know better than to get into an argument over the deadline, or the job specs. Take it like a man!

Taurus: Persistence is nearly enough to get you from here to there. You have the vision. You have the skills. You have the technology. But you're the only one who can take that first step and begin the process. You're also the only one with the belief to see it through. Will you?

Gemini: You've been through this before. You've had to call up your resources, sort through them and then begin the tedious undertaking of sorting through the resources you hold in common. These inventories take time and energy, but you'll be surprised at the outcomes.

Cancer: Are you where you want to be? Are you even on the right track? Is it easier to get cranky than to get going? Watch your knee-jerk reactions: They might land you in more hot water than even you can climb out of safely. Keep it together, inside and out, for success.

Leo: It's a dance. Or maybe it's a rummage sale. Or it could be a board meeting. You'll be meeting someone powerful, someone who can change the very fabric of your being. But you have to recognize this person -- who is not flashy, or even prepossessing. Use your inner eye.

Virgo: How much would you be willing to spend on the perfect relationship? What would you pay to meet Happily-Ever-After? Spend freely with the coin of the heart. You have options you don't remember, and they're in possession--if you could only think where you'd put them.

Libra: It's the walk of victory. Don't let it get spoiled by the inner voice of minatory pickiness or fussy blandishment. Let go of what you don't need to hear. Let it wash away on the tide of nearly perfect happiness. There's a setting into which you fit--you're there as of Friday.

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Scorpio: You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh-darn it, some people really do like you. Obviously, not everyone. Obviously, it's because you're so afraid of rejection that you hold yourself aloof until folks aren't sure what to think. Warm up, jump in, lose the 'tude.

Sagittarius: It'll be more fun soon. Right now it's all about the nuts and bolts of the grunt work. If you could delegate it, you would. But you can't, so you'll just have to be the best there ever was at getting the sticky work done and over with. Let a smile be your parasol.

Capricorn: You could if you wanted to. This is the mantra to which you must hold yourself accountable. You could have fun... if you wanted to. You could be fabulous... if you wanted to. You can do anything, but you'll have to put your back and your heart fully into it. Try.

Aquarius: It's all about the infrastructure. It's all about the long-term planning. It's all about the impetus to make things better for having come into your sphere of influence. Get your inner Marshall Plan together. You'll be ready when the call comes. Wear fakes on Saturday.

Pisces: You're already swimming with the fishes, so threats won't do more than roll off your shining back when the time comes. You're as free as you need to be to make the most of this latest bonanza in opportunities. Resist the urge to hide away. It's all about your community.

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