July 31-August 5, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 31, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Summer gets shorter and shorter, doesn't it? Have you done what you meant to? Are you on top of your leisure game and down-time strategies? If you won't relax now, when? If you don't take a holiday, who does? Ask not what you can do for your time off, ask what your time off can do for you. A richness, a luxury is in the air. Hold off on spending until you dig for the facts about your new-found treasure.

Aries: Send out for something amusing. You're a little bored with the repetition of your daily life. If you're not reengaged in your present environment, you may well charge off into more stimulating pastures. Could you redecorate in warm colors? Would you consider a makeover?

Taurus: You're not up to speed on what's going down, and the distraction is coming from the home front. Do you need to shift gears to find your righteous groove on this one? Or would you serve your ends best by reassessing radically? Curb procrastination with luscious bribes.

Gemini: You've been taking any excuse to dodge what needs doing. And life offers you plenty of juicy good ones. But it's time to buckle down and get to where you're firing on at least three of your four cylinders, n'est-ce pas? Well-organized is sexier than you know. Try it out.

Cancer: Is it fun? Is it affordable? Is it necessary? Any two out of three of these will do for now. Check your desire for perfection at the door. You'll be better served by relaxing and letting the flow take you into vistas never before perceived or experienced. Get close up.

Leo: Like a pupa in a chrysalis, you're not quite ready to be shown to the world in your transformed glory. But that time is nigh and getting nigher by the second. Make your arrangements, prep your setting, and don't forget to fine-tune all those rough edges. Soon.

Virgo: If you can't wait to get from here to there, you'll end up using the metaphorical equivalent of the broken rope bridge in an adventure movie. If you could just hold your water or your horses for another half cycle, of any description, you would find the way made plain.

Libra: Simplicity is more complicated than it looks. You allege a desire for something less fussed and fussy. You're even sincere. Open a dialogue on how much of a shift you want to make, and how close you may be to getting started. Include the lowly in your thinking.

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Scorpio: Persistence is a virtue when it isn't largely old-fashioned pigheadedness. Be as honest with yourself as you dare, and you may find you haven't been as constructive as you might have hoped. Rebuild your relationships and your work-habits with equal attentions.

Sagittarius: You've been an optimistic thinker for too long now to quit. Despite recent set backs and current stress, you're further than can imagine down the road to initial success. If you want to create something deeper and more lasting, you'll need to be even more positive.

Capricorn: Once upon a time cuts little ice with you. But the heroes and heroines of the fairy tales were a plucky, ''git 'er done'' kind of crew. Take away the shining armor and the fluffy dresses and you'll find folks who put their backs into it and didn't mind doing the impossible.

Aquarius: Sentience is enough -- when it's applied to something useful. If you've been tossing yours at the latest mini-obsession in your life, you've done yourself a disservice. Apply the brush broadly when you put your mental powers to the smaller issues in everyday life.

Pisces: Only you can prevent emotional conflagrations as senseless as they are destructive. You can't help your slight emotional pyromania: Sometimes it's better for a little something to happen than for nothing to happen. If you have time to fiddle like that, you have time to do.

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