August 27-September 2, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 27, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: These are times of confusion. These are times of doubt. These are times of circling back and around in order to verify the facts, gather further information and prepare strategic alternatives. You aren't paranoid. They aren't out to get you. But you're better off safe than sorry while that message is flying, those allegiances are being tested, while certain policies are in place, while change is in the air. Use your ability to discern, adapt and define to see you through. Wear duck for dashing effect.

Aries: Under the lowering, brassy sky of your dreams, across the mirage-laden sands, through the worst of your nightmares, you'll find there is indeed a 'happily ever after" in store for you. The string attached is your own willingness to see the future for what it really is.

Taurus:  Pretense would make the worst of bedfellows through the duration of this cycle. Your perception is too fine, your understanding too deep to allow you to take that step unconsciously. Step up to the plate, get with the program and do your damnedest to see it through.

Gemini: You have certain gifts not fully exploited. You have certain perceptions, filtered by your ethical constructs. You have certain connections you tend to play down. Now may be the time to play lowball as you never have played it in your life. Release the hounds!

Cancer: You're walking through a garden of flowers. No, the flowers are moving along the path and you're just standing there watching them. Is this a dream or a metaphor? How can you reframe your assumptions to take reality, however warped, fully into account? Awaken.

Leo: It wasn't your burden to haul when it first appeared. It hasn't been your responsibility since then. And yet when the whole thing goes to hell in a hand-basket, everyone looks to you to make it right. Now is not the time to indulge in nit-picking. Now is the time to step up.

Virgo: You can have what you want, but you'll have to work for it. You can do what you please, but there will be an emotional price to pay. You can go anywhere, but there will be site-specific obligations waiting on your return. Lessen the expectations by delivering more upfront.

Libra: You had told yourself it would be simple. But it looks like the labyrinth from here. You had thought it would be straightforward. Instead, you have a Gordian Knot in your hands and the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head. Quit rationalizing the change and just do it.

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Scorpio: You're good at working with whatever comes to hand. You're all but the genuine MacGyver when push comes to shove. You're a survivor par excellence. All this is just as well, because everything will require the best you have to bring sooner than you think. Play it.

Sagittarius: Get your bearings, take the pulse of the situation, and reorient yourself. It's time to get down to brass tacks and do what needs doing. You may not love yourself during the process, but you'll respect yourself in the morning. Consult with a Virgo for more inputs.

Capricorn: This world is not entirely a vale of tears. But it hasn't exactly been a bed of roses for you lately. What preconceptions bind you to your present course? What assumptions tie you to this location? What inferences prevent you from seeing more truly? Perceive.

Aquarius: You are not a bird, a plane, Superman or even Underdog. But you're still in a position of elevation and you're wondering whether the social vertigo is likely to kick in sooner rather than later. Buy yourself some security with a review of all you've accomplished so far.

Pisces: You want to walk in the sun and play in the meadows and generally have a low-key, fun-filled life. Okay. That's not too much to ask, but it will take some doing to get you from here to there. Take stock and count everything you find, even if it's dusty and you don't use it—ordinarily.


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