November 12-18, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 12, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Oh my! What can anybody do when the rock and the hard place are in collusion? Well, bring it out into the open. Talk about the issue. Share your information and trade it forward for other pieces of the puzzle. You'll soon see a) the whole thing runs deeper than you had supposed, b) it's trickier than you had imagined, and c) there's an unorthodox solution which depends on your cleverness and derring-do. Now take your courage and your wit into your hands. Go there.

Aries: You're so brave, fearless and impetuous. Now lay down carefully. Stretch full out. Increasing your surface over the unstable matter should delay that persistent sinking sensation. You can take yourself out of the quagmire, but you must be patient and cooperative. Go to.

Taurus: It isn't a perfect solution. In fact, the compromises suck and the outcome is not what you expected. However, there are unexpected reprieves from the worst of the decision hoving to on the horizon. Start a fire on the beach to get the attention of whatever's out there.

Gemini: You've wandered in the desert eating lizards and cacti and god-knows-what. You're half out of your mind with the isolation and the strange biochemical interactions. But you have gained wisdom and you will be able to share that message once you can see clearly. Focus early.

Cancer: You're on a roll, with coleslaw and a tired pickle on the side and an inadequate paper plate below you. Welcome to the picnic of life! Watch out for ants. Don't be so bland and unassuming that you're forgotten and become the source of food poisoning. Be eaten gladly. With joy.

Leo: Who you gonna call? Your siblings, of course. Somewhere out there is the right set of minds and hands and backs. These people understand who you are, how you got there and what usually comes next. You need good advice, and they have it (this time anyway). Say thank you.

Virgo: It's not about coming out on top. It's all about not being all the way at the bottom. This is an exercise in pace and endurance and fortitude and better planning adapted as you go along. It might also be about all those lovely things you collect around you. Sort through them.

Libra: Tempo shifts reveal more than you might surmise. If you're not thorough in your research, you'll overlook the obvious to your own detriment. Take your time, read through everything you have. Make sure none of the pieces is missing. Ask a crony to help you review.

Scorpio: You're not intimidated. You're not thrown off. This wasn't what you'd thought it would be, but you can still git 'er done. So gird up your loins and go forth bravely and with the courage of your convictions as your shield. Send away for independent confirmation by Tuesday.

Sagittarius: It's not always going to be fun. But it will be a huge challenge 'til you get the hang of it. Soak yourself in the knowledge base. Ratchet back your expectations. Plan for contingencies you don't yet grasp. Remember your dependence upon the kindness of strangers.

Capricorn: You've looked within yourself and you've looked outside yourself. The problem lies at the border. Learn more about how these conditions meet and where and what happens next. Quantum physics and meditation are the shortest routes currently available.

Aquarius: You're as good as they say. You're even better. But you have a habit of self-sabotaging when you least expect it. Will you continue in this scattershot pattern of effectiveness? Will you analyze the loop to figure out how to interrupt the self-defeating cycle? Ask a Libra.

Pisces: It's in your hands as much as anybody's. You have more say-so than you believe -- and faith is key right about now. So get your act in gear. Stop worrying over the scale of the project and get on with making the impossible your bitch. Take a retail therapy break this weekend.

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