January 7-13, 2010

Published on January 7, 2010, 2:46am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Remember the dream where you're having a coffee at an outdoor café in another country and suddenly a busload of Americans pours out into the plaza and commences to do the Hokey-Pokey? It's going to be like that this cycle. There'll be a surreal aspect to that common group activity you witness completely out of context. Will you run to join in? Will you hide under your table? Will you pretend you're Canadian or Danish? Keep an eye on your phone and keys.

Aries: You're walking the walk, but you haven't managed to master the syntax or conjugation of the talk. This will take more discipline than you like, more time than you have and more patience than you possess. You're not without resources, but you still have a long way to go.

Taurus: Can anybody here say ''unfair demands'' and ''insurmountable obstacles''? You're not meek enough to pass for downtrodden, even now. You have too much spine to knuckle under gracefully. Adapt old techniques to get farther than you'd planned by Tuesday evening.

Gemini: Principles war with expediency and you're looking over your shoulder a lot for someone both blameless and innocent. Keep an ear cocked for teeth grinding that may be your own. You're under a raft of pressure and it's not even your direct problem. Unwind.

Cancer: You understand that these kinds of shifts happen periodically. You're ready for a totally different point of view. You will still find many surprises, both good and otherwise. Nostalgia may become a pit of self-indulgence if you don't monitor your reflectiveness minutely.

Leo: Destiny wears many masks. Yours has taken you deeper into the routines of the mundane world and your daily life than you'd ever imagined possible. You want to do the right thing. You want to be the best of all possible yous. You can't help how boring this makeover seems.

Virgo: Pacing may take some of the edge off, but you should get yourself one of those inclined walkers and burn away the old year's love-handles while you're at it. Really, find an upgrade to your present solutions and you'll be rewarded with more return on your investment of time.

Libra: You can't keep the pace up if you don't get lots of rest and eat your Wheaties. Watch that you're not so distracted that you throw the baby out with the bathwater by mistake. Focus with a deep breath every hour and don't forget to wash your hands for ongoing good health.

Scorpio: It didn't look like this from a distance, but the shift in perspective only draws different aspects of the opportunity into view. You'll know how to make the most of the serendipity headed your way, so long as you can be bothered to give it a proper evaluation at the time.

Sagittarius: Leave aside your natural defensiveness. You've still put yourself on the line and it's going to take a fresh strategy to get you from here to dry land without you losing your shirt altogether. Trust your instincts but make your commitment your first priority on Monday.

Capricorn: You're ready to go but the process is stuck in a ditch full of unseasonal mud. You're dedicated but the rest of the team is flaking out at an alarming rate. You're the soul of propriety but the whole thing has begun to cross lines you never even knew existed till now.

Aquarius: It must be that time of the year for you. You were okay for the holidays, but now you have the wintertime blues. Don't fret. Use the withdrawal to rest your too, too active brain and allow your body to recharge. You'll have the right answer when they ask.

Pisces: It's not the type of scenery that usually interests you. It's not the sort of group you'd ordinarily hang with. It's not the type of situation where you're ever found. But all of these shifts allow you to expand your notion of self and live more fully in your best dreams.

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