March 4-10, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 4, 2010, 2:42am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've made it this far. You can't give up. The tide is finally turning. The handwriting is on the wall and it can't be easily erased. Further, there's jewelry in your immediate future (though I can't guarantee it will be at all to your exacting taste). You get to choose from a wardrobe of outcomes. There are best-case scenarios which go with hopes and dreams. There are acceptable outcomes which go well with diminished expectations. And there's settling, which still only works with disillusionment and dismay.

Aries: You're still bringing your ''A'' game, so why does everyone else look like it's all over and the fat lady's sung and headed home? You don't have to know when to say when here. You're still in it to win it, and you must do your level best to make the most of what comes next.

Taurus: Faint heart never won fair prize. Equally, discretion is still the better part of valor. So work at getting under the radar of the opposition (and you'd better believe there's lots of opposition out there) and continue making your deliberate, careful way forward. Yes, you can!

Gemini: Paradise suffers from its own perfection. Perfection is stasis. Stasis is just endless sameness -- and you don't want that. So aim a little lower. You can do so much without having to fall into the trap of being without flaw or stain. Heck, wear patterns to mask that stain!

Cancer: Are you there yet? Is it time? Is it your turn at long last? You can use your energy to ask the questions, or you can assume some degree of control over the situation and become more proactive on your own behalf. I'll let you make the tough decision.

Leo: You're still the king of the castle. You're still the host with the most. You're still the one who causes every head to turn when you walk into the room. So quit moping and get out there and do your darnedest to show the world you never lost your mojo in the first place.

Virgo: It isn't a picnic, but that's okay -- you're not a huge fan of ants. It's not a party, but that's okay -- you don't do your best when you're over-stimulated. It isn't your birthday, but that's okay -- you prefer not being the center of attention. So relax and enjoy the ''betweens.''

Libra: You're still waiting and your threshold for boredom isn't gaining depth. What else can you do to while away the time until you're where you need to be making the most of every minute? Learn to find the proactive in the semi-passive. You have an outside chance Friday.

Scorpio: Desire and obstinacy can take you only so far, right? In your case, maybe not. But you can always benefit from good advice, another perspective and third-party analysis. Put your head together with those whose wisdom you respect. There's still a long way to go.

Sagittarius: Heaven helps the ones who help themselves. And I don't just mean to seconds. So get up and get going. You've had plenty of time to get your head around the big picture. Now it's time to zero in on the nitty-gritty. Actions speak louder than words or stripes.

Capricorn: You put it off long enough. You set aside your own dreams in order to make the system do what was most necessary. But this isn't a five-year plan on the old-skool commune. You can only really live your life for yourself. Put the obstacles aside and get going.

Aquarius: It's convenient to blame the weather. It's useful to blame one's parents. It's meaningful to blame the context (or lack thereof). None of these to the point at hand. Now stop shifting the onus from others, take up the burden of being yourself and enjoy!

Pisces: You were there when it all began. You'll be there long after the dust has settled and it's all over (including the shouting). You could respect yourself for tenacity. You could applaud yourself for persistence. You will respect yourself for your follow through.

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