April 8-14, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 7, 2010, 11:16pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You needn't go to Jerusalem on your knees to turn your karma. You only have to face your self-created demons and give them a place at the table, too. Once you begin the arduous task of integrating your darker aspects with the more acceptable side of your persona, you'll find the work less impossible than you'd imagined. Remember to take comfort where you can. Everybody needs a binky sometimes -- small increments of assurance are worth a great deal right now. Call your best bro.

Aries: Don't look now but your karma just chased your dogma right up a tree. You're going to get an adjustment to your worldview before the week is up. It might hurt a little while it's happening, but you'll feel all enlightened when the process comes to fruition.

Taurus: You'd thought that last phase had been fully managed and put to bed, but like the antagonist in a horror story, there's one more unexpected round of coping before you can call yourself "all done." Position yourself to enjoy the weekend. God is in the details.

Gemini: Heavy-metal dreams chase through your head, and you're not in a rested frame of mind when you wake. Cut back on the daytime stimulants. Get more exercise. Put more raw, unsalted nuts in your diet. Think about a gentle cleanse -- or even a thorough house cleaning.

Cancer: It's not the end of the world as you know it. It's only a redefinition of the ground of being. You're capable of riding out the chthonic changes coming your way: preparation is the key, and possession is nine-tenths of the law. Throw on your cape and play Underdog.

Leo: You want to express your love in a concrete fashion, but you're afraid of being perceived as inflexible. You want to accumulate for the greater good, but you know you'll be tagged as greedy. You're creating a cycle of constant achievement, but you worry you're in a rut.

Virgo: It's the devil you know. He's at the backdoor. He's on the phone. He's stalking you on the Internet. It used to be exciting. Now you're annoyed that the whole thing hasn't just run its course and gone away. Upon whom will you depend when the world rocks back?

Libra: Time and tide keep you awake at night. You can't change them with your inputs. You can't control them with your contributions. You can't rise above them with your participation. Learn to live with this third eye halfway open. Learn to find the joy and beauty in the stark.

Scorpio: Destiny wears many masks. Heroism happens in every key. The extraordinary walks in anonymity. Find the magic in the mundane and you'll be more than halfway to seeing the eternal verities with the mortal, naked eye. Call in a professional about that roof issue.

Sagittarius: You looked a long time before you committed. You developed alternative strategies before you set out on your present path. You asked experts and the person on the street before you made your map. You did your homework, but you might not know for a while.

Capricorn: If it were easy, everyone would have done it already. If it were simple, the market would be flooded. If it were a walkover, the field would be crowded. You chose the level of difficulty to demonstrate to yourself that of which you're capable. Roll in it for a while.

Aquarius: Heaven helps those who help themselves. You're primed to take action, but you don't know where to start. You're better at improving and continuing existing paradigms. Don't be afraid to call in a ringer to position yourself for success you both crave and deserve.

Pisces: If not for the imperfections of the world, the beauties of daily life would be less visible. Don't long for the static quality of eternity. Live in the entropic, carbon-based now. Give yourself props for existing with infinite beauty in a finite envelope. Rock your mortality.

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