May 6-12, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 6, 2010, 12:22am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Between things seen and unseen lay the doors of perception. Will you walk across the threshold into the unknown? Will you glance through the peephole suspicious of what you do not know and never previously acknowledged? Will you leave the chain on the door so that nothing gets through in either direction? A door offers so many options of response. But you are what acts upon opportunities. You are the creator of your own future, and the only barrier to your true past. Think about permeability and osmosis.

Aries: It wasn't you alone. It wasn't even intentional. It was what it was, and now it's a big mistake snowballing out of control. You don't mind so much. You'd been feeling the static lately, and you'd rather be miserable and active than content and trapped. Choose again.

Taurus: Look around carefully. The landscape is in the process of changing, irrevocably and irreversibly. Don't memorize what you see, commemorate it internally. Now take time to visualize the change you would like to see in your immediate environment. Go there steadily.

Gemini: You've been a spectator. You've been amused and diverted by all that you have seen. Will you be called upon to participate? Will you be held accountable for that which you have witnessed? Will you make yourself a target or an object of desire? Think it over.

Cancer: Scary times bring out the best and the worst alike in all aspects of daily life. Will you rise to the occasion? Will your friends and companions? Will you make the most of the lemons life is handing you? Will you pout or act in a manner consonant with your heart?

Leo: If you were a flower, what kind of a flower would you be? If you were a creature of the sea, would you have a spine or not? If you were the captain of your ship and the master of your soul, would you still find yourself beset with complications and confusion? Believe.

Virgo: Picking the wheat from the chaff, the poppy seeds from the ashes, and the lentils from the fields, you wonder if it's a manifestation of OCD or if you're just gifted and talented. Could it be that you have a natural eye for detail and the patience of the saints? Reflect Tuesday.

Libra: The core is hard; the surface is soft. The lesson is difficult; the knowledge is valuable. The principle is tricky; the application is timely. You have both choices and observations due in to your own soul. You'll want to complete these assignments in a timely fashion. Score.

Scorpio: It isn't what you'd intended, but you're the boss of yourself in most ways that count—and your own favorite employee. How will you hold yourself accountable for all the things left undone and all those that require being done over? Can you be firm and kind alike?

Sagittarius: Life is a voyage of discovery. You'll want to give the ship of your state a good going-over. Are the seams tight? Are the sails mended and rigged? Is your line carefully stowed? Could the decks be any swabbier? Take charge and don't forget to up the ante.

Capricorn: Don't abandon your practices. Don't turn your back on your faith. Don't let go of what feels awkward this minute. There're plenty of babies still in the bathwater. Consult yourself to figure out the logistics of renewing your life without chucking it altogether.

Aquarius: It isn't the turning of the screw that bugs you so much as it is the machining of the threads by which the screw turns. Yeah, that's a little abstract for the up-close-and-personal, which is your life right now. And yet, it fits. And it ought to be worn, if not contemplated.

Pisces: You've been up the road and down the road searching out the blue bird of your happiness. Could it be the bird's a different color for you? Or maybe a different scale? Or even not a bird at all? Maybe it's the orange tabby of contentment, or the pink elephant of yesteryear….

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