June 17-23, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 17, 2010, 11:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're so busy revisiting old business, it's hard to see where to find time and space for the new matters at hand. Could you reorganize all the leftover bits so that you could better find your way around? Could you build yourself a standpoint from which to view the material before you in order to effect a triage? Could you call in consultants gifted in sorting and prioritizing? Could you make yourself that degree of useful? A solution is at hand -- recognize it.

Aries: Look, but don't touch, unless you're very certain of your preparedness to deal with the consequences. Consider your resources. Evaluate your personnel. Determine your trajectory. Planning now means you can charge ahead with no worries when the time is ripe. Call a Capricorn.

Taurus: It's unlike you to allow the little things to get this far out of hand. It's unusual for you to become so overwhelmed on such short notice. Can you move the deadline? Can you repair the faulty equipment? Can you call on the power of your community to come to your aid?

Gemini: Much as you love being you, you might come to wish you led a simpler life with fewer peripheral complications. At the same time, you wouldn't trade the circumstances that have brought you this far for anything. So now what? Does resolution have to mean quitting?

Cancer: You are as you have been, but the world around you has shifted and continues to slide in surprising directions every time you take a fresh positional reading. Pretend you're on a boat. Use the new metaphor to source your successful direction and happy conclusion.

Leo: Don't give up in the face of that which stands in your way. You are brave enough, talented enough, and supported by sufficient staff to make the grade with bells on. Now you have to act on your capabilities and potentials. The surprises aren't done arriving. Wake early.

Virgo: Is it your time to shine? Is it your time to set? Can you do both at once? You're a champion multitasker and there's plenty ahead to draw on the best of your skills (or the worst of your flaws if you stop paying close attention). Let your instincts have their head Friday.

Libra: You enjoy the intrinsic logistical challenge. You embrace the word puzzle embedded in the conundrum. You elicit best practices from those who have joined you in the action. Now you need to find your inner general and lead the charge with foresight, effectiveness.

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Scorpio: It isn't like you to feel so scattered. It's unusual for you to find yourself at sea. It makes no sense for you to be so low-energy when so much is at stake. Use your talent for defining to build courses of action requiring little thought, and lots of automated responses.

Sagittarius: You're on the cusp of a brand-new paradigm. You're at the brink of a startling discovery. You're on the verge of finding an entirely new level of interaction. What will you do to push yourself that little bit further? How will you make the most of this opportunity? Act.

Capricorn: Time and tide are with you as long as you stay on course and on schedule. If you fall behind, it will be the devil to pay if you want to catch up. Write everything down. Listen with your whole person. Bring people onboard who are both reliable and compassionate.

Aquarius: You only want the best for all concerned. Your point of view is a little abstract for how most folks think and do. Can you humanize your position? Can you reach out with warmth to those around you? Can you find the juice to make the process inclusive? Ask a Virgo.

Pisces: You only want to feel like there's a way through. You don't have to know all the answers. You don't have to perform flawlessly. You don't have to know the outcome. But you do have to be fully present and accounted for. Will it take everything you've got? Go there.


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