August 12-18, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 12, 2010, 12:51am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Sometimes it takes old mistakes to create new successes. Sometimes it takes old flaws to reveal new strengths. Sometimes it takes old pain to lay the groundwork for new joy. Try to find a means of integrating that which you have rejected formerly. Try to accept those faults which have been so emotionally costly over time. Try to relate to persons who have been inimical to your life trajectory before. Everything old is new again. This is a good time to rework the future with your past.

Aries: Even if you won't always have Paris, you'll always be able to say you did the right thing when your back was up against the wall. But don't despair of your happily ever after. The new daily routine you adopt will bring you unexpected luck in love. Get there early.

Taurus: You are as you were, but the world around you has shifted dramatically. You find you don't have the traction for your past ambitions. Now may be a good time to review your goals both in light of your ethics and your present interest levels. Consider the lilies of the field.

Gemini: It's not that you aren't paying attention; you're just focusing on a spectrum of information largely invisible to others. What a pity no one quite believes you. Use your secret knowledge for good and the rewards you reap will be great and good alike. Dissemble.

Cancer: It's not the catbird seat after all. It's the hot seat. You're not as surprised as you like to pretend about this current situation. You're not as shocked by the prognosis as you let on. You're not taken aback by the far reaching implications. So get out there and make a change!

Leo: When you dance with the Devil, it's important to establish who's leading early in the routine. If you don't like the idea of being spun and working backwards and in reverse, you may need to find a new partner in sin. Don't forego options formerly deemed unsuitable. Tempo!

Virgo: You're readier now than you've ever been to show what you're made of. But the only person whose good opinion you crave can't give you the thumbs up. Could you choose a different person? How about a different benchmark? Rethink your exit strategy Friday.

Libra: Personalities have clashed before, but not like this. Things will be said which change forever after the very ground of being. Can your ethical stance allow you by-stander status? Or will you have to jump into the fray and commit yourself to taking sides? Be careful.

Scorpio: You've worn that hair shirt long enough. Send it off to the dry cleaners and look for something both more comfortable and more becoming. You'll find your workload is more manageable if you break it into do-able chunks, rather than leaving it whole and unwieldy.

Sagittarius: When you look up, do you see stars? Are you standing at the front of the stage? Are you standing under the night sky? Are you looking at old glow in the dark stickers? Define your reality and work from there with a will and abandon. You'll be noticed and applauded.

Capricorn: Your ambition has brought you this far. You may have to go the next stretch on willpower and sheer cussedness. You might also ask someone you've known in the past at a professional level to step up their interactions and make it personal. Saturday is lucky.

Aquarius: Can you make a life from the rags you've been tossed? Can you find motivation in the shreds of your belief system? Can you develop skills with the remnants of your understanding? These times aren't easy, but your dreams may come true if you're willing.

Pisces: You've been from here to there and back again. You've travelled the breadth of your soul widely. You've seen the sights in your heart of hearts. Now you're ready to come out of the dark labyrinth bearing the seeds of a glorious future in your hand. Stay focused.

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