August 26-September 1, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 25, 2010, 11:41pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You have seen the future, and you're not sure you approve. It might be preferable if that which has not yet come to pass were more shaped, more concrete, more manageable. But no, it's all amorphous and fuzzy-edged and ringed in possibilities. What can you do to bring your path into better focus? How can you sharpen up the edges and the corners of that which you are calling your life? Where will you find the key to clarity? You might try looking within. Think bluebird!

Aries: You've kept your hands in your pockets until now. You've been the soul of discretion, as far as you're aware. You've stayed out of sight—though not out of mind. Is it time to make yourself big again? Is it time to bring your light out from under the bushel basket? Call early.

Taurus: You've been around the block on your tricycle so many times you're feeling dizzy. What could you do to feel more productive? How could you deepen your effect on the matter at hand? When will you stop holding your breath and start speaking out again? Ask a Capricorn.

Gemini: You were there first. You were the one with the grasp of the situation. You were the one triaging for all you're worth. Should you let the credit and acclaim land on someone else's shoulders? Should you step back away from the limelight? What are the real politics?

Cancer: Is it your turn to be at the front of the line? Are you ready to step up to the podium? Can you avoid the peer pressure being brought to bear on you? Do you even want to? You've got a higher purpose in mind and you're ready to pay in order to play through. Discuss.

Leo: If it were easy to be you, others wouldn't be as impressed as they are with how handsomely you're managing. Try to keep the whole thing in perspective as you move forward in tiny, mosaic-like increments. You're further than you think toward your dream.

Virgo: Let it go and you'll find you are blessed with more than you'd ever dared hope. Open your hand and good fortune will fly in your window. Open your heart and you will be surprised by what happens next. You have more inside you than you can imagine. Go Friday.

Libra: You're settling. You don't want to, but since you can't have what you want you'll have to make do. Is this defeatist? Is this reality setting in? Is this the only viable path left for you to walk? You might succeed more quickly if you let go of all that silly logic. Reconvene.

Scorpio: Once you take a moment to get your bearings, you'll have a whole new set of issues on your plate when you turn back around. Does life give you more than you can bear? Is this all a bridge too far? Actually, you could manage this and more with the right motivation.

Sagittarius: It's not out of reach if you only make up your mind to throw your whole person into the mix. You can go the distance, though it will take longer and be less satisfying when you get there than you'd told yourself. Is the journey reason enough to make the trip?

Capricorn: You're the one in the center ring holding the whip. Why does it feel to you as though control has slipped wholly away? You could give it up and start over. You could walk away and change everything instantly. You could stick it out and see what happens next.

Aquarius: Let your mind wander. Let your imaginings have the upper hand. Let your suppositions run wild. Somewhere in the wilderness of your pre-conscious mind is the answer – maybe even a whole spectrum of answers. Are you brave enough to find the way there?

Pisces: You are still evolving. You won't be done ever, not even when you're dead. So don't hold back. Don't hold onto the moment – it can't last. Let it run through your fingers and let yourself appreciate the sensation. Continue to become and your life will fulfill you manifold.

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