October 14-20, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 13, 2010, 10:40pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What are you seeding by intent? What are you seeding by accident? What you sow right now is the ''crop'' that will see you through the cold, dark winter to come. Plan to make the most of your potential by putting your best foot forward in getting your hopes germinated and your successes bedded down to winter over. You could support an empire on your yield, if you'll only take care to fertilize with love and water with affection. Release your impatience for a new world order.

Aries: Change happens. Structures shift. Foundations crumble. It's no earthquake – not of that kind. This is the shattering of complacency and the tectonics of personal growth in action. You're not just a contender, you're a favorite. Can you let yourself believe in your success?

Taurus: Destiny wears many masks. Some are attractive, but hide a mealy surface. Some are grotesque, only to serve as cover for the sacred or the lovely. What masks are you wearing? Which ones could you discard to your advantage? What new ones would you like to acquire?

Gemini: You don't want to pay the ''love tax,'' but you want the benefits of that security. You don't want to plan for the distant fiscal future, but you don't want to be cold when old. You don't want the burden of responsibility for your personal internal development. Hmmm….

Cancer: You could look without touching, but your hands might reach out of their own volition. Objects of desire being what they are, you can't really say no – and you really don't want to say yes. This magic mirror shows you both your greatest fears and your likeliest victories.

Leo: Determination should be enough. You've got courage in spades and patience to put the Rock of Ages to shame. But that drip, drip, drip would wear on the patience of a saint. Send yourself light and peace and hope. Ignore naysayers and doom peddlers. They're wrong.

Virgo: You can't resist. You shouldn't have to. It wasn't on the long-range radar, but you're not always the best at guessing. This sweeping passion might carry you into a flood of hard-to-control emotional material. It might carry you off your feet and into a brand-new paradigm!

Libra: Tempis fugit, yes it does. Are you staring at the clock, watching each sweep of the second hand? Are you shocked when you look up to see how much time has passed without your noticing? Your future is circling back to meet your past, or vice versa. Be prepared.

Scorpio: You're still trying to win a game you learned when you were little and never really stopped playing. Is this game any fun? Is there room in it for others to join, or will they have to stay spectators? The rules have gotten more complex lately, but are those changes desirable?

Sagittarius: You have everything you want, with one exception. You could do whatever mattered most, if you would only let go of what you already have. You're caught in a conundrum from which there is no easy way out. You're inventive. Look low and high alike.

Capricorn: Disbelief is easy and undemanding. Extending your understanding of the possible takes faith and practice both. Are you up for the challenge just as everything gets more and more complex? Can you walk away from the likely payoff if you're not? Ask an Aries.

Aquarius: Your dreams are trying to tell you something, but you have your practical fingers in your metaphysical ears. You'd rather lead a more prosaic, less demanding life. You'd rather walk your chosen path than make a trail into the wilderness of your soul.

Pisces: Got an itch you want scratched, but you just can't reach it yourself? Oh yeah. This is why you have friends and cohorts and associates and the like. Trust them just a little, and you'll find that trust repaid with relief and contentment and interest. Yes, you can!

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