January 13-20, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 12, 2011, 11:24pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Sobering reality hits the wall of egotistical self-involvement. The blowback won't be pretty, however necessary it may be to correct your course and goals. How can you ameliorate the conditions and concerns besetting you from every side and rushing at you on every timeline? Well, you can gird up your loins and put your nose to the grindstone. You can call on the stalwarts on your roster and seek advice and support. You can educate yourself in new and crucial fields of expertise and application.

Aries: You might go a bridge too far, but you'll be doing so with the best of intentions. You're in the midst of building yourself a new karmic paradigm. You're in the process of becoming someone other than you have been for the last long cycle. Clear out your wardrobe, too!

Taurus: You could lazily drift on the current of life as it transports you in a leisurely fashion toward the peak of your ambition. Or you could decide to tow the barque of your endeavors along the canal path of the life you've chosen. Or you could get out and go cross-country. Well?

Gemini: You've been in this kind of a pickle before. You've been able to use your charm and a little tap-dancing to get you out of the mire and into the money. Will your old tricks serve you this time? If not, you may have to respond tactically while making strategy.

Cancer: Are you a person, or a mouse? You don't have to skitter and skirt the edges of the life you're trying to build. You don't have to be so fearful of every possible misstep. Your world is not so fragile as you may suppose. Your goals are not so delicate as you imagine.

Leo: Walk boldly. Speak in the imperative. Act decisively. Now is not the time for halfway measures. Now is not the time for hanging back and evaluating the situation. Now is not the time for laissez-faire policy at home or at work. Take charge and be in control. You know you want to!

Virgo: You're changing your condition. You're travelling down the road you've longed for, toward a dream you hardly dared admit existed. You're on the way to becoming that which would fill you with pride and delight alike. You might consider getting a makeover to celebrate.

Libra: You've looked around and you're not sure you're where you thought you were meant to be. You're a little concerned by how unfamiliar everything seems. Is your partner your anchor? Is this a good thing? Take back certainty with a personal reorientation on Friday.

Scorpio: You're walking. You're talking. But are you talking the walk? You've been observed. Your patterns and trajectory have been noted. Are you prepared to defend your position? Are you prepared to forge ahead against uncertain odds? Are you breathing deeply?

Sagittarius: You can do anything you want. You can go anywhere your heart desires. You have a horrifying amount of personal freedom. It comes at a cost. If you exercise your liberties, what will you find waiting when you finally roll home? Is this a price you consider valid?

Capricorn: It might be destiny knocking on your front door. In which case, answer it or not — everything will change. It might be opportunity knocking, and if it is you'll want to leap up and show the nice lady in right away. Don't miss the chance you've been holding out for.

Aquarius: It's like walking on the moon: You have to move differently to get where you're going. It's easier to overshoot your objective than to pinpoint it. Communication is both hampered and focused. Now you have the inside scoop on ''how.'' Move swiftly on the ''what.''

Pisces: Are you ready to receive that for which you have longed all this time? Are you ready to enjoy that which had been withheld? Are you ready to cut loose and be your own self in full before the cycle rolls through to completion? See your hairdresser sooner for best effect.

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