February 10-16, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 10, 2011, 12:45am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's time to get real. It's time to take the workload and just do it. It's time to accept we don't operate in a vacuum, but within the limitations and the possibilities provided by nature herself. Think big thoughts, dream big dreams, then get on your grungiest clothes, because what lies ahead is all hands-on and in the trenches. Set a good example, and the dirty work will start looking fun to all and sundry. Better to have too much help, rather than not enough.

Aries: You could if you wanted to, but you'd have to review your financial situation and begin to make hard choices about where discretionary ends and necessity begins. You have the chops to make reality of your imaginings. Do you have the follow through as well?

Taurus: You're ready to go after a good hibernatory period. You're refreshed and you don't mind how much still lies in front of you--since you've had plenty of notice and lots of focused preparation. Don't be surprised by the curve ball you get thrown at you on Saturday.

Gemini: You've got it like that, but what will you do with all you have? You're in it to win it, but are you prepared for how success might change you and the life you choose to lead? You're still a contender, but will you keep your integrity as you go for broke? Consider.

Cancer: You have the right support from your community in place. Your peeps are sympathetic, understanding and willing to go the distance with you as you walk through another round of fire. Beware descending into a minor cult-of-personality situation. Wear silk for savvy.

Leo: It's not all about you, but you're integral to how things are managed and how they're completed and who has buy-in to see it all through. Is your ego ready to take a back-seat to gittin' 'er done? Is your sang froid at a settled enough level to cope with the hassle and doubt?

Virgo: You don't mind the hard work. You don't mind the long hours. You don't mind the lack of respect and recognition. But you're not on board for another round of slack incompetence shored up by institutional inertia and general laziness in the laissez-faire of it all. Relax.

Libra: Look around you. Memorize where you are and how it's all laid out. That way, when the lights go out you'll be able to find your way around with minimal collateral damage to yourself or the people and things around you. Seek and Aquarius for insight, intuition.

Scorpio: You are as you were, and there's no two ways about it. At the same time, you've undergone a sea change and you are both more and less than you used to be. What will you do with the paradox of your present existence? Can you justify the effort by Friday?

Sagittarius: Once upon a time you were light-hearted and care free. Now you're under the thumb of the fate you blindly chose in ignorance and arrogance. In a sense, it's not your fault. From another perspective, you would do well to take responsibility ASAP. Call late.

Capricorn: Walk a ways. Take your time. If you hurry, you'll miss the most critical (and subtle) pieces of information relating to your situation. Try for some active imagination and creative visualization to build up a context for finding your happily-ever-after.

Aquarius: You can if you want to; but you'll really have to want to. This is the theme and tenor of the cycle before you. The world is your oyster, but you're going to need a large and very sharp knife to get at the tender meat and possible pearl within the situation.

Pisces: How can you have come so far and not have noticed how obvious the fly in your ointment has been to those around you? You were distracted. You had your heart set on a happy ending. You believed in the better self. Make peace with the fly and you still can.

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