February 17-23, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 17, 2011, 12:52am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: When your heart's desire turns out to be more hassle than you'd imagined in your wildest dreams, what dare you want subsequently? Where will you go from here? How will you find your way with your faith in your own instincts so diminished? Why not forgive yourself and allow the universe to recommence to serenade you with hope and wishful thinking? Who will you spend time with if not the still, small voice within? It is still better to light a single candle, right?

Aries: Are you really so sad and lonely, or have you manufactured disquiet in your soul to get the mid-winter blahs stirred up? Listen to the wind in the tree branches. Watch the hopeful little birds hopping to and fro. Allow yourself time for primal self-discovery Friday.

Taurus: Go with the flow, even if it's not all that fluid or headed in the ''right'' direction. Release the prejudgment in favor of a more relaxed, observing stance. What can you see from the new vantage points? Learn what you can from circumstances on the way.

Gemini: You would if you could; you're totally into the concept. But you're pre-committed and you don't like to weasel out of such publicly declared obligations. Is there some alternate form of participation you could engage in? Think outside your self-constructed box.

Cancer: You had thought it was a necessary expenditure at the time. In hindsight, you might have chosen more carefully, less expensively or with an eye to harboring up your long-term resources more closely. Still, you're happy with the choice. Remain at peace.

Leo: Whom the gods would destroy, first they make busy. Really busy. But don't worry. The destruction is more about releasing ego-construct stuff and getting with the emptiness that allows the light of the universe to shine in you and through you. It's a good thing!

Virgo: Look at all the bright, shiny distractions! Look at all the more interesting things and people and places! Look at how easy it would be to lose your place and not get much done in the name of all the other little things that need attention! Refocus and be fierce!

Libra: Is it the moon? Is it the water? Is it the time of year? You're in a funny place, but you're not laughing. So what are your options? Which choices have you frozen like a deer in headlights? Can you enlist the aid of a friend or partner to help you sort through the chaos?

Scorpio: Each drop, insignificant in itself, adds to the whole. Over time, those minute increments of moisture add up to make a stream, river, pond, lake, ocean. You can feel the water level rising. Where will it take you? Are you ready for some change? Call early to confirm.

Sagittarius: You're on fire. You kind of like the heat, the energy level you can sustain, the liveliness of it all. But are you burning through your resources at a sustainable level? Will you be able to replenish when you run low? How can you complete your supply chain?

Capricorn: Walking the talk gets a little stale from time to time. How can you refresh your perspective? How can you liven up the view from the rut in which you find yourself? How can you give yourself a pep talk to put the spring back into your intentional steps? Ask afterward.

Aquarius: This time, the shoe is on the other foot. This time, you're not the one on the spot. This time, you have the luxury of anonymity. Can you make use of this ability to fly under the radar? Can you exploit your freedom from scrutiny? Can you maximize your potential?

Pisces: It might work. It's a radical departure. It's the opposite of status quo. It's probably past time to get on with this re-invention of everyday life. You've been playing it safe for long enough. Step out of the shadows and exploit your inner certainty before Sunday.

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