June 23-29, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 23, 2011, 2:23am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The world slides into normal, churning up so much dust the outcome is uncertain for longer than the situation merits. Daily life valiantly regroups and prepares to outflank the anomalies and accidents of daily living. But the past chaos we innocently created comes home to roost like a good, persistent chicken; and events progress both suddenly and without the comfort of foreshadowing. Still, expecting the unexpected isn't difficult in our interesting times. And there's a freedom of response that calls on courage and imagination alike.

Aries: You're on fire and you're ready to make the most of this burst of opportunity. You're all lit up and you've got energy to burn. You're going to do yourself a favor if you can engage in acts of creative aggression this cycle: weeding, tai chi, volunteering, cooking.

Taurus: Is this restlessness brought on by the heat? Or is it only the shifts in barometric pressure intensified by the constant of humidity? You'll sleep better if you get more exercise and eat a lighter dinner with fresh berries for dessert. Keep shaking your booty.

Gemini: You're emotionally shaken, but your consciousness hasn't yet been stirred into action. You're between the horns of dilemma and in love with the view from right there. You're contemplating all that is and has been, but you're not ready to make any vows of commitment.

Cancer: It's a wide, weird world out there. The more of it you see, the less you're convinced you understand. You're on the edge of a great breakthrough, but you still need that little cosmic push to send you over your personal tipping point. Fly like an eagle.

Leo: Everything's been rendered in Technicolor and you're having trouble adjusting your eyes to the brilliance of it all. Don't fall back in confusion. Slip on some shades and take the time to create a place for yourself in this bright new world. Call on Tuesday.

Virgo: Was it that envelope? Was it that memo? Was it that innocuous want ad? There's a vital piece of the code missing. There's a clue you've yet to track to authenticity. There's a pattern broken in the unraveling. You'll find what you need in the last place you look.

Libra: Pain and pleasure march hand in hand from time to time. Is this one of those times where you're raw and the world is abrasive? Is this concurrently one of those times where you're alert and the world is wonderful? Reconcile the paradox for extra credit.

Scorpio: Swing from tree to tree using Tarzan's vines and your own enhanced musculature. You've worked hard for your physique and ought to take a moment to appreciate how far you've come. You're still a long, long way from your goal, so eat your Wheaties.

Sagittarius: Place yourself in an imaginary circle. Draw around you the circles of your friends and acquaintances. Admire the ripples and unexpected overlaps. You really are connected. Now find a way to harness all that linkage to your aims and ends.

Capricorn: Wisdom takes time to ripen, like a good handcrafted cheese. And like a cheese, it needs to be exposed to moldy old ideas and values to become fully expressive. Expose yourself to the slightly unclean in your environment to forward your vision.

Aquarius: The damage may be done, but that doesn't mean you can't wipe up all the spilled milk to keep others from slipping in it. Assert your place in the community and work to clean up the mess you didn't make. You'll gain valuable insights after Friday night.

Pisces: What half-forgotten baby step did you take in the dark to bring you to this very nearly alternate reality? Would you make the same mistake all over again, given the chance? Don't hang on to the error – admire the serendipity instead. Call Aries for inspiration.

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