June 14-20, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 14, 2011, 2:03am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Time and tide take on new significance as deadlines approach and procrastination deepens its tentacled presence in your heart of hearts. Why the foot dragging? Why so much laze in the laissez faire? Why the general anomie? You've got what you came for and while it's more to do than you could possibly have guessed, the work that hasn't killed you yet not only makes you stronger it also gives you mad skills. So get off your inner duff and get with the program to git 'er done.

Aries: There's a challenge before you, and you hate backing down. There's an obstacle in front of you, and you won't turn back. There's a conundrum to resolve and you can't let it go unsolved. Apply yourself with grace and force combined for maximum effectiveness.

Taurus: You used to be disaffected, but now you're just tired. You used to be overworked; now you're also under-appreciated. You would pitch a fit, but it would take energy you really don't have. Get in touch with your inner spa worker. Treat yourself to a makeover.

Gemini: Insidious is as insidious does. Sometimes the most direct means of achieving your goals is the sneakiest path from A to B. Strap on the Trickster cap and get ready to run the short con to end all short cons. You'll receive unintended support on Tuesday.

Cancer: You're not a demon, but you wish you had the extra capabilities. On the other hand, that hot dry climate might not really be best for you. Become more than you are by the application of will and humility (instead of pride, right). Consult with a Capricorn.

Leo: Is it the distance? Is it the difference? Is it the history of disaster? There's a situation brewing, and you're not sure how to summon the extra energy to cope with bringing it back into proportion and out of Code Red. Bring in the outside experts -- and listen to them.

Virgo: OK. So it wasn't the sanest thing you've ever done. It wasn't the craziest by a long-shot though. Quit tormenting yourself with the eternal replay. Since you made your choice and vocalized it unequivocally, it's time to man up and get with the follow through.

Libra: Tense? Edgy? On a hair trigger? You could use a shot of B Vitamins, several times a day. You could use a relaxing massage, as often as you can afford it. You might consider running, or yoga to bring your blood pressure and weight down and spirits up.

Scorpio: Society says one thing, and you head off in the opposite philosophical direction. Family holds out one value, and you intentionally find your own set of ethics to apply. Your partner confides a particular preference, and you take the contrary. Chill out, reboot.

Sagittarius: Are you a person or an insect? Stop going with your lowest common denominator instincts. You have been more and you can be again. It's going to take some doing to catch up to your lost humanity and vanishing competence. You have the chops. Use them.

Capricorn: Destiny and Fate are tired words. They're not worthy of the effort you've expended to get as far as you've already come. Give yourself props for trying hard and making almost unimaginable progress. Then get back on your feet, in the saddle, and to the rescue.

Aquarius: Uh-huh. You knew it would come to this. You heard it from those who care for you, and you believed it before you could demonstrate it. All right. Now what have you got planned to get yourself out of this corner and back into the center ring? Play hard.

Pisces: You're used to being able to wiggle out of the tight spots to which life is prone. You're not going to slide free of this with so little effort. Instead, you're going to have to put your whole spine and your knees well into it to see the resolution you know to be correct.

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