August 18-24, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 18, 2011, 1:32am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is reality catching up to your ideological hopes? Does that have to be a big bummer, or could there be a better point of view in store for you? Those aren't lemons, and you won't be making lemonade -- but you can still do better as you shift into your ''A'' game and get fully with the program. If fancy footwork is called for, limber up and do a few practice runs before your public performance. You have much to offer, if you would only admit it to yourself.

Aries: It's a look, and you could do with a makeover at this point. You're good at what you do, and you may as well look good doing it, don't you think? So ask a style maven how to reshape your image, then set a budget and get to work. Remember: budget first, shop after.

Taurus: You're so dependable. You're like the sun coming up in the morning. And yes, you get taken for granted in that very same way. You're not splashy, you're stable. There's no point in regretting your sturdy utility and unwavering capability. Wear blue for emphasis.

Gemini: You've been around the block on your tricycle so many times you're making the neighbors dizzy too. You've been up the road and down the road, carrying water and mending fences. You're the glue holding your social circle together. Could you also improve it?

Cancer: It's time to call on your family and friends, and even acquaintances to come to your aid. You're in a pickle, but it's not insurmountable if you can bring yourself to reach out to the peeps you've collected over time. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. At. All.

Leo: You want to go for it. You need to go for it. You know that going for it might be the straw to break your already over-burdened back. Right? You know that! Consider what you might release before taking on any new projects. You are finite at the end of the day.

Virgo: If you're running around wringing your hands muttering ''out, out damned spot'' either you're Lady Macbeth or you've gone a little OCD about the laundry. Step back from your latest obsession and try to frame your concerns within the context of the big picture.

Libra: You're the tops. You're number one with a bullet. You're A-OK. Now you've got to believe it. Now you've got to instruct your partner to help you get from where you are to where you need to be so that you can put your back into being the best that you can be.

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Scorpio: It's not really all about you. It's all about making your way in the real world: sans paranoia, sans distrust, sans Machiavellian fallback positions. No really. You'll have to let go of those ''indispensable'' bells and whistles if you want to catch up and get ahead.

Sagittarius: How've you been doing lately? Have you been eating for nutritional inputs? Have you been getting enough sleep? Have you been getting enough exercise? Have you been toning your mental state by keeping up with your social circle? Get on the stick!

Capricorn: It's not that complicated. You want what (or who) you want. You want it how you want it. And you want it when you want it. However, this is not your vanished toddlerhood, and the world is not your inadequate Mommy that you should be so whiney.

Aquarius: You've been walking on the wild side, just to get a rise out of your inner parent. Now how is that productive? Couldn't you simply make a small killing in real estate? Or grow a fabulous window box full of herbs? Or take tango lessons 'til you're irresistible?

Pisces: You weren't looking for this connection, but it's there nonetheless. You weren't angling for the upgrade, but it's at your disposal if you so choose. You weren't counting on the sibling intervention, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary. Does it?

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