By Carrie Megginson
Published on July 12, 2012, 10:58am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Once again, you've accidentally entered the Red Queen's race, running as fast as you can just to stay in place. You'll have to go twice as fast as that to get anywhere. And you already made a point of believing six impossible things before breakfast, performing four of them before lunch. You may be too close to the situation to see how close you really are to a solution. Keep on keepin' on, and don't let the weather get under your skin. Go lightly on Saturday morning.

Aries: You can't help yourself, you've allowed these patterns to persist and deepen. It's easier to run on automatic pilot than it is to examine the possibilities and take the time to assess your real, and organically shifting goal against the selected trajectory. Release.

Taurus: You've been here before. And you hate the feeling of being so dependent on your dream life to bring you the necessary assist in getting the point delivered. Relax. Your unconscious mind likes pulling its weight every once in a while. Head out for spa time on Friday.

Gemini: Wouldn't it be nice if everything just sort of smoothed out and got in line? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to be in three places at once with only money enough for any two of them? Wouldn't it be dull, though? Be careful what you wish for. Ask a Pisces.

Cancer: You're still being grilled under the glaring lights, but you don't have any answers — not new answers. Maybe what you need are new questions. Maybe what you need is a fresh perspective and a different motive. Are you secure enough to make the change?

Leo: Even if things were different, you would still hold the same values. You would still make a more difficult, but sincere, choice. You would still be heartsick about your options. Bring your courage back to life with a little more bling on your body and time in the sun.

Virgo: Simplicity is not all it's cracked up to be. You crave that which you haven't had (or don't remember in retrospect). If you need time off, rent a sensory deprivation tank and see what an hour of peace and quiet has to offer you. Or hit a yoga class. Or a silent retreat.

Libra: Your joie de vivre is all pooped out. You're oppressed by the weather. You're enervated by excess. You're in crisis over the messaging in your wardrobe. Sit under the AC and make a few lists. Now would be a good time to clean out your digestive system.

Scorpio: You've been to the mountaintop. And you liked the view. This time you feel as though you've had the height thrust upon you, and you dislike the abrogation of your free will. Maybe the choice was made in the karmic past. Maybe your shadow-self wants a turn.

Sagittarius: You couldn't make up this truth if you tried. You couldn't avoid the confluence of cause and effect this time. You couldn't outrun the odds this time. Even so, you've done this amazing thing and you could poke the ashes to find your phoenix waiting there.

Capricorn: If you blame the universe, you're not wrong – but you're not right, either. Own that the times are hard and that you are tough, committed and disciplined. You can make it to the crest of the slope you're on, but it will take everything your knees have to give.

Aquarius: Look out the window of your soul. Do you see vistas that enhance your pleasure in knowing and being self-aware? Is it time to become impractical in order to effect wholly practical shifts in your paradigm of daily living? You're smart enough to say yes.

Pisces: You want to swim with the big fish, but you're not sure you can summon the focus to devote your entire existence to the one experience. There's wisdom in your hesitation. If you're hurrying to find answers when you're not sure of the questions, look out!

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