Lambda Asks Court to Order OPM to Give Same-Sex Health Benefits "As Soon As Is Reasonably Possible"

Posted by Chris Geidner
March 3, 2011 5:48 PM |

Today, Lambda Legal called for U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White to order the Office of Personnel Management to grant health insurance benefits to the wife of Karen Golinski, a federal court employee, "as soon as is reasonably possible."

Responding to the Department of Justice's Feb. 28 filing that defended its position that the Defense of Marriage Act prevents it from allowing federal employees to cover their same-sex spouses, Lambda summarized its argument, writing for Golinski:

The Executive now acknowledges that its interference with the provision of equal benefits to plaintiff is an unconstitutional act in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. Nonetheless, the Executive declares that it plans to proceed with its concededly unconstitutional and illegal actions until this Court orders it to stop. Plaintiff respectfully asks the Court to do so forthwith.

Read the filing: Lambda-GolinskiResponse.pdf

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